Sleep Gadgets For Better Sleep

February 01, 2022

Sleep Gadgets

Sleep Gadgets For Better Sleep

Good sleep is one of the corner stones of great physical and mental health. However, good sleep can be challenging for many of us. Indeed, an act that is so natural can often feel impossible to achieve. As many of us toss and turn at night we can start to feel a sense of desperation.  If you find yourself in such a situation you may be left wondering what you can do to get a good night’s kip. You may have already tried every know natural method known to man but the sweet bliss of sleep still evades you. Therefore, you might want to try thinking outside of the box and consider one of the many sleep gadgets on the market. Whilst there are many sleep gadgets out there, here is just a small selection of what is on offer. 

Sleep Gadgets

1.The Dowdow  


The Dowdow has some pretty impressive reviews and is a relatively inexpensive option coming in at under £50.00. The Dowdow is basically based on studies surrounding cardiac coherence. In a nutshell, this a stress and emotion management tool. The Dowdow is designed to help you breath at a rhythmical rate that is conducive to a good night’s sleep.  The method is so simple that anyone over the age of 6 can use one of these nifty devices. You can read more about the Dowdow here. 

2. The Renpho Eye Massager 


If you’re looking for a sleep gadget to help with eye strain, then the Renpho eye massager might be just the ticket.  Some people find that this is a wonderful tool to use when mediating as it can deepen relaxation even further.  Buy it here.


3.Flare Audio Calmer Night


If you can’t get off to the land of the noise because of noise disturbance then this sleep gadget could be the answer to your prayers. These earplugs are made from soft silicone which makes them comfortable to wear. You can see them here.


4.ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System


With the ChiliSleep cube sleep system you can control the temperature of your sleeping environment to perfection. Indeed, studies prove that a cooler sleeping environment is super important when it comes to getting a quality night sleep. This super sleep gadget takes out any guess work and can help you get the perfect temperature night after night. This particular sleep gadget could be particularly helpful for women who are suffering hot flashes.You can read more about it here.




More of an app than a sleep gadget as such but because it’s so effective we just have to mention it. In a nutshell, headspace is a guided meditation app that can help you get in the right ‘headspace’ for sleep. Indeed, meditation is a well-studied practice that can help sleep. However, many people struggle to do it without guidance. This app fills the gap perfectly. Start your meditation journey here.


6. Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier


Your sleep environment is super important when it comes to getting a quality night sleep. Indeed, having your window open isn’t always practical because of noise and in summer often not sufficient. Enter the Dyson Pure Me Air Purifier. This clever device will help you to keep cool and get rid of any pesky allergens too! Learn more about it here.


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