Sleep tips for a Good Night's Kip

February 10, 2021

Sleep tips, How to sleep well

If you're looking for sleep tips then you've come to the right place. We've been in the sleep industry for decades and over the years we've gathered some useful sleep tips. So if you've been battling with the bed covers and fed up with counting sheep then read on for some useful sleep tips.

Sleep tips

Stop the Caffeine well before Bedtime

Caffeine is a known stimulant. Many a bleary eyed person reaches for a cup of coffee to give themselves a kick start in the morning. However caffeine consumed later in the day can have serious effects on sleep. Scientists at various sleep institutes have studied the effects of caffeine on sleep. The consensus reached is that it is best to have your last caffeinated drink at 2 pm.

If you find it difficult to cut coffee or tea out at this time of day, then it might be worth substituting with decaffeinated products.

Keep your bedroom Tidy

It might not seem obvious but a cluttered bedroom can lead to disturbed sleep. A tidy bedroom can help to relax the mind. Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the world and a messy bedroom is not conducive to a restful night sleep.

Keep Technology out of the Bedroom

When it comes to sleep tips, this is possibly one of the most relevant one today. In our modern day world, technology has become king but it has infiltrated our sleep patterns with negative effects. There are many of us who can relate to this. Staring at our phones in bed into the small our hours of the morning has become commonplace. However, countless studies have shown that this can have negative effects on our kip. So try and make yourself a rule of putting your phone down, plus other technology an hour before you go to bed.

Read Fiction

In today's world of modern technology, many of us have forgotten how good it is to read a bit a fiction. Allowing your mind to escape can help calm your mind and therefore help you sleep.

Use Nature

One of our sleep tips that we think is indispensable is the use of nature. This can come in many forms, from walks in the county side to the use of lavender oil. Exposure to natural light can help keep our natural rhythms intact. Drinking Chamomile tea before bed can also help you to relax.

Say no to Booze

One of our less popular sleep tips is saying no to booze. When you can't sleep it may seem tempting to have a tipple to help relax you. However, numerous studies have shown that alcohol disrupts sleep. Whilst it might help you nod of initially, you won't get the deep refreshing sleep that your body needs.

Change Your Mattress

If you mattress is more than 7 years old then it is possible that is affecting your quality of sleep. For help on buying a new mattress visit our Mattress buying guide

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