August 10, 2020 3 min read

How To Create A Minimalist Bedroom

If your bedroom resembles more of a jumble sale more than a chilled out sanctuary then maybe it's time you got yourself a minimalist bedroom. Without a doubt a minimalist bedroom can aid your sleep, helping you to feel bright and breezy in the morning. Well that and a strong coffee of course! Think a minimalist bedroom is beyond your reach? Then you need to think again. With the right furniture, a bit of grit, determination and self discipline a minimalist bedroom can be yours. For more bedroom ideas then pop over to our Pinterest page.

Minimalist Bedroom

Declutter, Declutter and Declutter Again!

First and foremost to get a minimalist bedroom you need access your inner organiser. We're talking decluttering here. If you have a hard time shipping things of to the charity shop then you're going to need a bit of discipline here. The best way to declutter is to hit it in one go. Procrastination is your enemy here. Follows a few simple rules and you'll be giving Maria Kondo a run for her money.

When sorting through your threads it's best to pile them in the heap on your bed. If your bedroom didn't look like a jumble say it certainly will now! From there you can systematically go through each piece and decide whether it stays or goes. Things you should be kissing goodbye to is those clothes that you don't love, don't fit or have seen better days. Yes that includes that favourite shirt that you were going to fix 5 years ago!

Then you need to turn your attention to everything else in your room. In a minimalist bedroom you should only have your absolute favourite things on display. We would recommend only displaying things that add joy to your life. If it doesn't add a little spark to your life then it shouldn't be clogging up your bedroom space.

Invest In The Right Bedroom Furniture

The right furniture can make the world of difference in a minimalist bedroom. Indeed, get the right furniture and you can maximise your minimalist space. The right furniture should offer adequate storage so that you can keep everything in perfect order. Your new mantra should be 'everything in its place and a place for everything'

If you're struggling for storage then you really need to consider one of our Ottoman beds. When it comes to beds, these bad boys are the king of storage. Indeed here's a little fact for you. An Ottoman bed can store four times the amount of a standard four drawer divan. Plus with hydraulic gas lifts you don't need to be a power lifter to access your belongings. You can view all our Ottoman beds here

Minimalist Bedroom

Be Mindful Of Colour

In a minimalist bedroom you really need to be mindful of colour. Indeed bright colours can be too intense for a restful bedroom. You really need to be looking towards a more subtle colour palette. However, this doesn't mean you have to stick to white or cream. A pale grey is a fantastic neutral colour for a bedroom for example. If you fancy injecting a bit of colour into your bedroom you can do this with your soft furnishings. Or if you really want to up your game then you can invest in one of our colourful fabric beds.

Minimalist Bedroom