February 10, 2021 2 min read

Help The Environment, Recycle Your Mattress

Recycling has become a cultural norm, so why not recycle your mattress? Perhaps like numerous others you didn't even know it was possible to recycle your mattress. Indeed, far too many mattresses end up in landfill. In fact 167,000 tonnes of mattresses get sent to landfill every year! Given the bulky nature of mattresses this is frankly unsustainable. Here, at Beds On Legs we are proud to offer you the opportunity to recycle your mattress. So you can sleep easy at night on your new mattress whilst knowing your old one has gone on to live a new life. Recycle Your Mattress

What To Do If Your Mattress is Still In Good Condition

Before you give your mattress its marching orders, you should decide whether your mattress can be reused by somebody else. Perhaps the mattress isn't suitable for you, but it might be of use to a friend or family member. Indeed, a mattress can be a hefty purchase and somebody may be extremely grateful of it. Furthermore, charities such as the British Heart Foundation are more than happy to receive donations of mattresses, if suitable. This is pretty much a win win situation. You get to recycle your mattress and it doesn't end up in landfill. Furthermore, the charity selling the mattress will gain income to support its given cause. However you must make sure that your mattress is in good condition first. If you wouldn't let your pet on it then the chances are the charity shop won't be able to sell it. Mattresses will have to meet British Fire Regulations so you will need to make sure it has the relevant fire label attached. For the specific requirements of each charity then you should contact them directly.


What Happens To My Mattress If I Choose Your Recycling Service.

Mattress components get recycled in a number of ways. New light iron products can be made from metal springs that have been melted down. Products such as foam and latex can be baled and sent to waste to energy plants. Alternatively they might be re purposed as carpet underlay. Polyester wadding can be reprocessed and used as fillings for items such as pet bedding. Other low grade materials can again be reused as refuse fuel.