Cool Gel 2000 Mattress, Simply The Best.

February 10, 2021

Meet Our Best Selling Mattress, The Oli Hybrid Cool Gel 2000 Mattress

We'd like you to meet one very special mattress, the Oli hybrid cool gel 2000 mattress. This mattress is exclusive to Beds On Legs and it's top banana. When it comes to quality, comfort and value for money we don't think you can get more bang for your buck. Indeed, we're not ashamed to say that here on Beds On Legs we have all fallen head over heels in love with this mattress. Want to be transported to the land of nod in ultimate comfort? Then this is the mattress for you. However, we must issue a warning with this super comfy marshmallow mattress...once you've got one, you may never want to leave your bed!

Cool Gel 2000 Mattress

Oli Hydbrid Cool Gel 2000 Mattress – All The Features

Cool Gel

The Oli hybrid cool gel 2000 mattress features two wonderful layers of cool gel memory foam. Memory foam is a wondrous material that is body temperature sensitive and adapts perfectly to your contours. The fabulous thing about the cool gel is that it helps keep you from overheating. Sometimes overheating can be a problem with memory foam. For more information on overheating and memory foam, read our blog here. Let's face it nobody wants to feel like they're having a heavy session in the gym when they're trying to get a good night's kip! What's more, one layer of cool gel is cocooned in a super comfy cover. Indeed, the cover is so deliciously soft that you will feel like you're sleeping in the lap of luxury.

The other positive about this mattress is that is hypo allergenic and so is dust mite resistant. So if you're prone to getting the sniffles in the night then this might be a wise investment.

Cool Gel 2000 Mattress

Reflex Foam Core

In order to strengthen the core of the Oli Hybrid Cool Gel 2000 Mattress we have incorporated a layer of reflex foam. This helps to give a more supportive feel the mattress. As a result, we give this mattress a rating of medium.

2000 Pocketed Springs

To enhance this mattress even further the Oli Hybrid Cool Gel mattress features a strong army of 2000 'pocket rocket' springs. These springs offer unrivaled support. Pocket springs are the most superior type of spring system. This is because they are individually pocketed, therefore move independently allowing them to be more responsive to your body.

Foam Encapsulated Border

The Oli hybrid cool gel mattress has a 'Simply Airtech' foam encapsulated border. This neat border allows air to flow through the mattress, further helping to keep you from overheating. This border also allows for 25% more sleeping surface area, that's a whole lot more of wiggle room!

Cool Gel 2000 Mattress

Vacuum Packed

Conveniently this mattress comes vacuum packed. This is particularly useful if you are trying to get your mattress into a tight space such as a loft conversion.

So there we have it, the low down on the mattress that has won the hearts of all us at Beds On Legs. For information on how to pick the right mattress and other useful sleep information visit the Sleep Council website.

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