Ottoman Beds With Oodles of Storage

May 09, 2016

Ottoman Beds For Oodles Of Storage

Ottoman Beds are both stylish and practical. When storage is your main priority we know that the more storage there is inside, the better it is for you. Here we are are taking a closer look at four of our most spacious ottoman beds.

Ottoman Beds


Ottoman Beds - Coniston Ottoman Bed

The Coniston Ottoman bed provides a huge amount of storage space. The base goes all the way down to the ground so you gain a lot more space. The Coniston Ottoman Bed has a whopping 33 cm storage depth. You will be able to fit a ridiculous amount 'stuff' in these bases! The Coniston Ottoman Bed has modern buttoned back headboard giving it an ultra stylish look

Ottoman Beds

 Ottoman Beds - Amelie Ottoman Bed

The Amelie Ottoman bed is from the same range as the Coniston, so it also has 30cm storage depth. Amelie has a stunning buttoned headboard. Whilst the headboard is quite a traditional design, when paired with a grey velvet fabric finish it creates an entirely modern look. The headboard is 137cm tall and makes quite a statement. This also means your pillows will not hide the design.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman Beds - Amber Ottoman Bed

The Amber and Cavendish Ottoman Beds are from our Build a Bed range. The great thing about this range is that you have the chance to create a bespoke design. You have a multitude of fabric finishes, colours and headboards to choose from.

Ottoman Beds



Ottoman Bed - Cavendish Ottoman Bed

Both the Amber and the Cavendish Ottoman bases have 26cm of storage depth within. The main difference between them is that you will have different headboard designs and fabric finished to choose from. You are bound to find the exact design and colour to suit you. Having control of these design choices allows you to create a bespoke look.

Ottoman Beds


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