August 03, 2016 2 min read

Here at Beds on Legs we are noticing a new trend in the bed world for platform beds in bedrooms. You may well ask ‘what are platform beds?' well, they are bed bases without a headboard or a foot board. Perhaps it is a need for space or a craving for simplicity driving this trend for platform beds, but we are loving this new look.

Platform Beds - Decor Inspiration

Platform beds are creating a stage for your bedding. You may not be interested in the shape or the material the bed is made from so this is great for those who want their cushions, duvet covers and throws to be the focal point. Perhaps you want artwork or shelving to frame your bed frame, the creative possibilities are endless. Below we have found some fabulous decor ideas that compliment platform beds.

Platform Beds - Decor Inspiration Platform Beds - Decor Inspiration

Ottoman Bases - Platform Beds

We have two fabulous fabric ottoman base beds which we think lend themselves perfectly to this style. The Cavendish Ottoman Base and the Sweet Dreams Ottoman Base are the exact bases to accomplish the look platform beds create with the added bonus of storage within.


The Cavendish ottoman base is available in a vast array of colours and fabric finishes. You can be more daring when only having a base on show, a pop of colour will look fabulous below the bed sheets.


We also have the Sweet Dreams Amber Fabric Ottoman Base. The Amber base is available in even more fabulous colours and finishes to make this dynamic design choice really sing out.

casinocrushangora_1 casinocrushfuchsia pablo-plain-shell

Both the Cavendish and the Amber Ottoman Base have a deep and solid storage base. At 26cm deep they have the largest amount of storage space available in our full range of ottomans. Accompanying this are gas lift pistons allowing for the base to open easily and smoothly.

Cavendish End Lift Ottoman

Wooden Platform Beds

Our Friendship Mill Studio Bed creates a different feel entirely. It is wooden and closer to the ground. It enhances upon that earthy feel this trend exudes. They create that, less is more, undone, ‘I just woke up like this’ look!

Friendship Mill Studio Bed

Below we have more stylish ideas of how to dress a wooden platform bed.

Platform Beds - Decor InspirationPlatform Beds - Decor Inspiration

The main bonus that all of these platform beds bring is the freeing up of space. A headboard and foot board do steal precious floor space from you. You will no long be awkwardly maneuvering around the headboard or foot board or tripping up around the corners of it.

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