September 07, 2020 3 min read

Thinking Of Purchasing A New Bed?

So the time has come, you need a new bed and the hunt is on. However, with so many options out there it is easy to become overwhelmed. First of all what style do you go for? Do you want a fabric, wood or metal bed? Then there is the issue of practicality. Do you need your bed to house storage and if so how much storage do you need? Then you have to consider what size you need, after all size really does matter in the bedroom! After all those decisions then you have to consider your mattress. Do you want a soft medium or firm mattress? Should you go for a memory foam mattress or a traditional one? Without a doubt buying a new bed isn't a straightforward process. With all these possibilities you will certainly need a good nap to recover.

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What Style Of Bed Should I Get?

Of course this largely depends on personal taste. The main types of beds are manufactured in wood, metal or fabric. Indeed, in recent times fabric beds have become extremely popular. However, trends shouldn't dictate what you personally want. If you've seen a metal frame and fallen in love with it, then that's the one for you.

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Having said this, the one thing you should consider is whether your new bed will fit in with your existing furniture. For example, if you have fitted wardrobes and your bed has an allotted space then you need to make sure it will fit. As regards fabric beds we would always recommend getting fabric samples. Colours can often look quite different on a computer to their actual appearance. Furthermore, this will help you to match it in with other existing soft furnishings and carpets. At Beds On Legs we send out fabric samples for free so it's worth taking that extra step to get the right colour. For style inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page.

What Size Bed Should I Purchase?

In general you should purchase the biggest bed that will comfortably fit in your bedroom. This is particularly true for couples that are sharing a bed. Did you know that partner disturbance is the biggest cause of sleep disturbance? A standard double is 135 cm wide, that's a meager 67.5 cm each. A baby's cot is normally 70 cm wide and so it's pretty crazy that as adults we sleep in less space. A larger bed such as a King Size gives you 75 cm sleeping space and a Super King gives you a whopping 90 cm.

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Should I Get A Bed With Storage?

Let's be honest, extra storage is always a bonus. Therefore why not consider getting a bed that is functional too. We have a wide range of beds with various storage solutions. We have on offer divan beds with drawers as well as Ottoman beds for those looking for maximum storage.

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What About A Mattress?

Getting a new mattress can feel like a science in itself. We've created a separate guide which you should read before purchasing your new mattress. View it here

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How Much Should I Spend On A New Bed?

As with anything you should spend as much as you can afford. Whilst it might be tempting to purchase the cheapest mattress to save money, in the long run it's false economy. Generally speaking, the more you spend on a mattress the longer it will last. Of course if the mattress is for the spare room then the same rules don't need to be observed.

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We recognise that sometimes you need a little help when purchasing larger items like beds. That's why we're proud to interest free credit on orders over £500.00 You can read more about it here