How To Chose The Right Bed

September 11, 2020

Right Bed

Get The Right Bed For You

Choosing the right bed might not be rocket science. However, there is plenty you need to consider when splashing the cash on a new bed. After all, a bed is actually a pretty important investment that should last you a descent chunk of time. Without a doubt, if you get the right bed then it will pay you back for years to come. Therefore it pays to do the leg work in order to get the bed that you deserve. When purchasing a new bed there are a number of things that you need to consider. You need to consider the size, the style and possible storage options. Here we’ve compiled a list to make the process of getting the right bed a little easier.

Right Bed

Size Matters

When looking at a new bed you firstly need to consider which size would be the most suitable. British bed sizes are as follows:-

2ft6 Small Single (75cm x 190cm). This size is usually suitable in rooms where space is limited. For example in a child's bedroom or a guest bedroom.

3ft Single (90cm x 190cm). This is the most commonly know single sized bed.

4ft Small Double (120cm x 190cm). Not quite a double, the clue is in the name! This sized bed is often used in a guest bedroom when space is a little tight. It is adequate for two people to use on an occasional basis.

4ft6 Double (135cm x 190cm). Most people are aware of this sized bed and can be found in bedrooms across the nation.

5ft King Size (150cm x 200cm). Not only is this bed wider by 15cm it is also longer be 10cm. If room allows then we would recommend this bed size for couples. This is because each person gains extra space in bed which enables better sleep.

6ft Super King Size (180cm x 200cm). This is over sized bed is suitable for all the family to snuggle together!

When considering what size bed is the right bed you should always check the external measurements of the bed you're looking at. Indeed, the guide above is the standard measurement for a divan bed. However, framed beds will differ in their measurements as you have to allow for the frame.

Get The Style You Want

When it comes to picking the right bed in terms of style then this is entirely personal. Without a doubt fashions come and go, but if you fall in love with a bed then that's the one for you. So we say go with your heart and don't feel like you have to follow the crowd! If you need some interior inspiration then why not head over to our Pinterest page.

Right Bed

Consider Storage Options

When looking to purchase a new bed you should consider whether you need it to offer some storage capacity. Indeed, storage beds can be a game changer in your quest for an organised bedroom. From divan beds with drawers to the all singing, all dancing Ottoman bed, there's a storage bed for everyone. Let's be honest who doesn't need an extra bit of wiggle room in the storage department! If you think a storage bed might be the right bed for you then just click here.

Right Bed

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