How To Create The Perfect Neutral Bedroom

February 10, 2021

Neutral Bedroom

Get Your Chill On With A Neutral Bedroom

Creating a neutral bedroom can be a great way to add some Zen like vibes to your space. Indeed, in a world of ever increasing chaos a neutral bedroom could be just the antidote you need. Here, at Beds On Legs we're seeing a increasing trend in the sales of neutral style beds. Whilst it may be seem easy peasy to create a neutral bedroom, it's actually a little trickier than meets the eye. Get it wrong and your bedroom could end up feeling more like a youth hostel than luxury sanctuary. Here are our top tips for getting your neutral on and nailing it in style. For more style inspo then take a peek at our Pinterest page.

Neutral Bedroom

Layer Up

Layering of textures and materials is the perfect way to stop your bedroom from feeling cold and stark. Think oodles of plush scatter cushions and cosy throws. For an organic feel select wool and woven textured fabrics. Or for a splash of glamour then introduce reflective surfaces such as glass or mirrored furniture. Metallics are also a great way of adding warmth and interest to your space. Indeed, when it comes to textures then always think more. The more different elements you can add, the more interest you will add to your room.

Neutral Bedroom

Start With The Right Neutral Walls

When it comes to neutral walls, we've come a long way from the days of magnolia paint. Indeed, neutral paints come in a huge array of shades. Never mind 50 shades of grey, neutral paints come in zillions different shades. Okay that's maybe an exaggeration, but you get our point. Just when you thought picking a neutral paint would be the easy part!

Neutral Bedroom

When considering what paint to select you need to take into consideration a number of things. For example, North facing rooms often need warming up. Therefore paint with undertones of creams or browns would be beneficial. South facing rooms can sometimes feel too hot in summer and thus paint with blue undertones would work well here. However, the number one rule for selecting any paint would be to make sure you test it out in your bedroom first. A few tester pots can save on big headaches at a later date.

Invest In A Neutral Bed

One of the key pieces in your bedroom has to be your bed. Therefore when styling your neutral bedroom this is the perfect place to start. We've got a fantastic range of fabric beds that are available in neutral fabrics. From herringbone patterns, to natural wools and grey velvets we've got it covered. For all our fabric beds then just click here. We've also got a wonderful selection of wooden beds that are a great way of adding warmth to a neutral colour scheme.

Neutral Bedroom

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