Inject Personality With A Colourful Bed

February 10, 2021

Brighten Your Life With A Colourful Bed

If you want to inject some personality into your bedroom then you might be thinking of getting a colourful bed. Without a doubt, as the nights draw in and the weather turns gloomy, a colourful bed can help to transform your bedroom and lift your mood. In recent years, grey beds have dominated the interiors scene. However, in the last few months there has been a massive shift in trends. Across the country folks are embracing beds in all the colours of the rainbow. From moody blues, to vibrant ochres, the colourful bed is making its comeback.

At Beds On Legs we're as proud as punch to offer some of the best and most colourful fabric beds on the market. So if you're ready to make a statement and stand out from the crowd then it's about time you invested a colourful bed. For more fabulous bedroom décor ideas then why not pop over to our Pinterest page.

Colourful Bed

Rethink Pink

If you think pink beds are just for little girls then you need to think again. Without a doubt, pink beds have become hot property in many grown bedrooms across the country. Indeed, a pink bed is a great way to add a bit of femininity to a bedroom that might otherwise feel overtly masculine. Another colour combination that we can’t get enough of is green and pink. This simply perfect duo is great for creating an eclectic vibe.

Colourful bed

Go Strong And Bold With Navy

If you’re looking for a bolder colourful bed then a navy bed could be just up your street. Placing a navy bed in your bedroom is a great way of making a statement. Furthermore, a navy bed has a feeling of opulence. We can’t think of a better place for a display of decadence than in your bedroom.

Colourful Bed

Be Bright And Beautiful With Ochre

Ochre is wonderful bright colour that works particularly well in a contemporary setting. For example in a minimalist bedroom, an ochre bed can help to prevent your bedroom from feeling overly sterile. Furthermore, upholstered in velvet, these beds can help to add depth and warmth to your bedroom. And that's not all! Waking up in an sunshine upholstered bed is bound to put a smile on your face every morning.

Colourful Bed

Get Serene With Green

Green is a perfect colour for the bedroom. This is because green is associated with nature and therefore has a calming effect. What’s more, green can help us to feel more connected, which in modern society is becoming more and more important. Indeed, a green bed might be just what your need if you’re trying to creating a bedroom that is the perfect chill out space.

Colourful Bed

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