Mid Teen Bedroom Designs They Won't Tire Of

December 07, 2021

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs They Won’t Tire Of

Has the time come to decorate your mid teen’s bedroom? Then you might want some mid teen bedroom designs that they won’t get bored of. After all, what might seem super cool when they're 14 won’t necessarily have the same appeal when then they hit 17. Therefore, it makes sense to plan forward, as decorating a bedroom can be an expensive undertaking. So if your teen is ready to throw out the character bedding and cutsie designs then this is the blog for you.

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs


Mid Teen Bedroom Designs- Stick to A Base Neutral Palette

If your treasured teen changes their hairstyle more times than you can keep up with then the chances are they’re going to change their décor tastes too. Indeed, the adolescent years are a time of experimentation and expression. Therefore, if you’re worried about keeping up with their evolving tastes then keeping a neutral backdrop in their bedroom is ideal. This way you can switch up the soft furnishings such as cushions and bedding to add a pop of colour. By neutral we don’t necessarily mean white or magnolia. Indeed, grey is a particularly useful neutral colorway that comes in many shades.

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs – Consider an Ottoman Bed

Pretty much every teenager we know has a lot of a stuff and if yours is the same then you might want to consider upgrading their bed to an Ottoman storage bed. An Ottoman bed can be a great investment for your teenager and for your sanity! This is because an Ottoman bed stores up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. Just think about how much stuff they can hide out of view in one of these. Our fabric Ottoman beds are particularly favoured by teens. Indeed, teens spend a large amount of their spare time in their bedrooms and a fabric bed is comfortable for lounging about on as well as sleeping in. You can view all our Ottoman beds here.  

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs – Display Their Hobbies

Most teens have a strong desire to express their personalities. Therefore, it makes perfect sense letting them personalise their space with things that they love. For example, if they’re into sport you can build a shelving area where they can’t display their sporting paraphernalia. Or if they love to snowboard then why not hang theirs on the wall. Letting them have input in their bedroom is a great way to encourage them to have pride in their space.

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs – Add a Place to Chill

If your teens bedroom has enough space, then incorporating a place for them to chill is a great idea. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. For example, a squishy bean bag in a funky design and colour can add a bit of wow factor to their bedroom as well as being a great place to slouch around.

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs – Consider A High Sleeper Bed

If your teens bedroom is on the more compact side, then a high sleeper bed might be a great option. Whilst some may view them as a little childish, ahem they are mini adults, then opting for a minimalistic design can overcome this. The obvious advantage is that these beds create more space and therefore they can utilse their bedroom more effectively.

Mid Teen Bedroom Designs

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