Bed Sale at Beds On Legs

December 10, 2021

Bed Sale

Bed Sale at Beds On Legs 

If you’ve just typed bed sale into Google and landed on this page, then you’re obviously savvy with your cash and looking to save some pennies. Indeed, buying a bed can be a costly exercise and therefore it makes sense to make savings where you can. Here, at Beds on Legs we always strive to offer our beds at the best prices possible. Along side this we occasionally have a bed sale on various beds when you can save even more cash. However, we also like to offer package deals all year round so you can get a bed and a mattress at an unbeatable price. Here are just a few of the deals we currently have on now.

Bed Sale – Love Sleep Memory Pocket 1000 Divan Package with Free Headboard and 2 Drawers

This package deal can save you a mahoosive £220.00 based on a double bed. Priced at only £450.00 for the complete bed (double price) you really can’t go wrong! What’s more this bed is bang on trend, so if you’re looking for something that will make a statement in your bedroom then this is the bed for you. With button detailing on the headboard, this subtle design is perfect for a wide range of interior styles. What’s more, it available in 16 different fabrics so you can customise it to your colour scheme.

Bed Sale

The mattress that comes in this bed sale features 1000 pocket springs and memory foam. Indeed, pocket spring is the best the best type of spring system. This is because each spring is individually housed and therefore molds more efficiently to your body. Furthermore, the layer of memory foam elevates the comfort of this mattress even further so you can get the best nights sleep that your body deserves.

And that's not all, this bed sale includes 2 free drawers which provides an ample amount of storage. However, should you want more storage then you can upgrade to 4 drawers. 

Bed Sale – Love Sleep Backcare 2000 Divan Bed Package with Free Headboard and 2 Drawers

This package deal has the same stunning fabric bed base, headboard and 2 free drawers as the deal outlined above. However, the mattress included in this bed sale is a Backcare 2000. Indeed, this mattress is ideal for those individuals who prefer a firm mattress. What’s more this mattress has an impressive 2000 pocketed springs so you can be assured that your body will be getting optimum support. With this deal you save a whopping £300.00 based on a double bed. That’s a saving not to be sniffed at!

Bed Sale

Bed Sale – Love Sleep Button End Lift Ottoman Bed with Luxury 2000 Mattress Megadeal

If you need to maximise your storage, then your best bet is with an Ottoman bed. Indeed, an Ottoman bed offers up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. That’s a serious amount of storage. Furthermore, our Love Sleep Button package is the perfect deal for you if you like to get your bang for your buck. With this deal you can save over a £100.00. This package features our best-selling button headboard which looks fantastic in both modern and traditional bedrooms. As with all our Love Sleep models, this stunning bed is available in 16 different fabrics.

Bed Sale

This bed sale comes with our Love Sleep Luxury 2000 mattress which is the ideal mattress for those who like a medium to firm feel. Featuring 2000 individually pocketed springs this mattress provides unrivalled support.

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