Should You Consider Separate Bedding ?

December 05, 2021

Separate Bedding

Should You Consider Separate Bedding? 

In several European countries, it’s often standard for couples to have separate bedding and there are some good reasons behind it. Before you berate us for being unromantic souls just try to hold your judgement until you have read this article! lndeed, there must be some valid reasons for separate bedding, otherwise millions of people wouldn’t being doing it. Whilst cuddling under the duvet before we visit the land of nod can be lovely, sharing a duvet can come with its challenges.  Here are our top reasons why it might be a good idea to consider separate bedding.  

Separate Bedding


1. No More Duvet Battles 

We all know the term duvet hogger and if you share a bed with one, you’ll know exactly how frustrating this can be! There’s nothing worse than waking up in the night to find your partner rolled up like a caterpillar in a cocoon and you’re barely covered. All joking aside, having someone steal the duvet on a regular basis can be severely disruptive to your sleep health. As sleep is one of the pillars of good health, this in turn can lead to your general well-being being compromised. Indeed, separate duvets solve this problem as well as solving any bedtime arguments with said duvet hogger! 

2. Less Disturbance 

Disturbance when sleeping can impact your sleep cycle. Indeed, disturbances can come from many sources. Unfortunately, your partner may be one of those sources. For example, if you and your partner prefer to sleep at different times this could mean that you will disturb your significant other when getting in and out of bed. Obviously, this is more pronounced if you share a duvet. Whilst you won’t be able to eliminate disturbance completely having separate bedding can help to reduce it.  

3. Different Sleeping Requirements 

If you’re a hot sleeper and your partner is a cool sleeper or vice versa then let the battle of the duvets begin! Sharing a duvet with someone who has different temperature requirements to yourself can be a challenge. If you decide to have separate bedding, then each person can control their own personal sleep temperature without having to compromise.  

4. Snuggle When You Want To 

Separate bedding doesn’t have to mean less cuddles. Indeed, there is nothing to stop you getting under each other’s bedding when you need a bit or intimacy. The main difference is that you get to chose when you want to be close to your partner as opposed to them rolling into you in the middle of the night!



Separate bedding may not be for everyone. However, there are clearly benefits to separate bedding that might outweigh the negatives for some couples. If you and/or your partner are constantly being disturbed, then separate bedding may be worth considering. After all, good quality sleep is vital for mental and physical well-being which in turn can contribute to a healthy relationship. Indeed, a bedding divorce could benefit you in more ways than you realise.  

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