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February 10, 2021

Mid Sleeper Beds

Mid Sleeper Beds, A Space Saving Solution

Mid sleeper beds are the perfect solution if you need some extra space in your child's bedroom. Often a lot more practical than a bunk bed and much more fun than a single bed. Ask most children if they'd like a mid sleeper and you're bound to hear squeals of joy. After all, what feels more exciting than sleeping several feet of the floor! Mid sleeper beds come in all guises. Some have study areas and drawers for extra storage whilst others are aimed at imaginative play. Mid sleeper beds are ideal for a wide range of ages. Young children often feel safer sleeping in a mid sleeper rather than a higher bed and they can also be funky enough not to be embarrassing to a teenager. Mid sleeper beds can quite easily accommodate a child in their younger years right through to their teenage ones. Here's our top choices from the funky and fun, to the cool and practical.

Love Sleep Milo Grey Mid Sleeper

Ask any fashion guru what's hot in this years interiors and they are bound to mention grey. Grey is anything but dull and it's the paint colour we're all desperate to dip our paint brushes into. So it goes without saying that out of all the mid sleeper beds that we do the Milo gets top marks from us. It's suitable for both boys and girls as it can be styled with a variety of colours. The Milo also comes in white which is just as versatile The Milo mid sleeper comes with a desk that pulls out and there's oodles of storage too.

Mid Sleeper Beds

Stompa Play 3 Mid sleeper

Out of all the mid sleeper beds we have on offer, this is the one that makes us want to revisit our childhood. If you normally have trouble getting your child to bed then once you own one of these you'll have the opposite problem. This bed really is fun personified. What better way to start your day then to literally slide out of bed in the morning! There are no prizes for guessing that when it comes to picking mid sleeper beds this one gets the kids vote every time.

Mid Sleeper Beds

Frankie Mid sleeper set

This bed is great for those who love to take advantage of every square inch of space. With a chest of drawers, a pull out desk and shelves to boot this bed knows how to work every centimetre. Styled in a modern design this bed is perfect for the fashion conscious. Available in an oak or white finish this bed would be suited to a multitude of colour schemes.

Mid Sleeper Beds

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