Stunning Bentley Krystal Bed in Rose Gold

February 10, 2021

Bentley Krystal Bed

The fabulous Krystal Bed by Bentleyhas been a firm favourite with us for quite some time. Bentley have now updated this range by introducing a beautiful Rose Gold finish!

Krystal Bed in Rose Gold

Bentley Krystal Bed - Perfect Accessories

Here at Beds on Legs we think Krystallooks stunning in the Rose Gold finish. The subtle pink undertones of rose gold add to Krystal's feminine charms. Rose Gold is also incredibly on trend. You will find a vast array of bedroom accessories to compliment this finish. Copper and Rose Gold lighting is available in practically all high street home stores. We particularly love these bulbs below with extra fancy filaments inside. We also love the mix of pink shades and varying fabric finishes featured in the cushions below.

Rose Gold Lights Interior Accessories -3

Bentley Krystal Bed - Decor Inspiration

Obviously you don't need to go down the route of having every accessory in rose gold. The Krystalbed will look completely different by adjusting the colours around it. Why not contrast the warm tones of the Rose Gold metal against cooler green and blue tones? The effect of these opposing colour palettes is incredibly striking. Another concern when buying Metal bed frames can be deciding on what furniture to put with it. In the image below Bentley Design have added their Montreux furniture range. The Montreux furniture range is available on Soft Grey or Soft Grey with Grey Washed Oak tops. The neutral grey finish works in harmony with the Rose Gold and is the perfect back drop for the Rose Gold finish to really stand out against.

Bentley Krystal Rose Gold

Including smaller accessories such as the ones below can help bring the whole room together. We particularly love rose gold tinted glass, it mirrors the reflective surface of the metal frame. These shimmering accessories also compliment the crystal finials on the bed frame.

Interior Accessories -1 Interior Accessories -2

Please click here to view more information about the Bentley Krystal Bed.

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