Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed in Grey Velvet

February 10, 2021

The 5ft Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed in Grey Velvet is available at a very attractive price! For only £499.99 this stylish ottoman bed could be yours. Why is it so budget friendly? I hear you ask! Well, we buy a selection of Kaydian Beds in certain sizes on containers. Ordering large quantities allows us to receive discounts from the manufacturer which we then pass on to you. The quality and finish is exactly the same as all Kaydian Beds. The fabric finishes for our container beds are exclusive to us on each model, however Kaydian do use them on other models as they are just so good.

The 5ft Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman is available in Silver Crushed Velvet for £699.99, Brown Leather, Slate and Oatmeal for £649.99. The saving you make on our Grey Velvet (Pewter) finish is exceptional.

Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman

Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman - Build & Quality

The Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman boasts an exceptional build which the manufacturer, Kaydian is renowned for. The structure of the bed is both solid and robust. You will notice the quality finish as soon as you start to assemble the ottoman. We would definitely recommend having two people work to together in order to assemble the frame. Your mattress will sit on a boarded base which lifts up easily and smoothly. A boarded mattress base is incredibly user friendly. It is a solid entity that helps retain the shape and structure of the base as it pulls up and down. In comparison, lower quality sprung slatted bases tend to cause quite a bit of movement to the structure, as well as the possibility of slats popping out.

Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman

Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman - Style & Finish

The Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman is finished with a Grey Velvet fabric. We have taken it upon ourselves to rename the fabric finish 'Grey Velvet' as we feel it best describes the qualities and look of the fabric. On other Kaydian models this finish is called Pewter. The grey is a soft shade of grey which will compliment many decor styles. The pile of the fabric is short and soft. This Grey Velvet is a more muted fabric that subtly catches the light. The headboard is tall and imposing, in the best possible way. Depending on personal style preferences this bed can be dressed in both a feminine or masculine style.

Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman

Please click hereto purchase the 5ft Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman in Grey Velvet.

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