Oak Beds at Beds on Legs

February 10, 2021

We have a new collection of fabulous Oak Beds to share with you. This new range will sit perfectly in any setting.

Oak Beds - Carlton Oak Bed

The Carlton Bed has a wonderful cross detail to both the headboard and foot board. We think this bed would look amazing in a crisp white bedroom as the white finish would illuminate the decorative cross design.

Oak Beds

Here we have some stylish design ideas to go with the Carlton bed. We are loving the mix of accessories and antique furniture against the white backdrop.

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Oak Beds - Dorchester Guest Bed

Here is the Dorchester Guest Bed which is a very handy bed to have when a guest is due. You do not have to compromise style for practicality when purchasing this guest bed. The Dorchester benefits from a classic design that will not fall out of style over time.

Oak Beds - Dorchester Guest Bed

Oak Beds - Grosvenor

We love the contemporary look of the Grosvenor bed. The modern headboard combined with the wooden finish really make this design stand out.

Oak Beds Grosvenor

We particularly love this style of bed with mid century design inspired pieces. The rustic wood frame with modern headboard works harmoniously with simple streamlined furniture. Add some bold bedding accessories and you are good to go.

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Oak Beds - Ritz Oak Bed

The Ritz Oak Bed has a very traditional feel to it. The Paneled headboard and raised foot board are standout features.Oak Beds Ritz

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Oak Beds - Savoy Oak Bed

The paneled headboard with decorative cut detail in the center creates a unique look which we think is rather special.

Oak Beds Savoy

We are getting an Arts and Crafts design vibe with the Savoy Oak Bed and are completely smitten with these design ideas below. We suggest being brave and just going for William Morris inspired prints and Arts and Crafts style bedroom furniture.

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