Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed Review

February 02, 2017

Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed

The Lanchester is a bold and stylish choice for the bedroom. Here we delve a little deeper into what the Lanchester has to offer.


Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed – Touch & Feel

The Kaydian Lanchester bed comes in two stylish finishes. Both shades are neutral and will compliment a variety of design ideas you are thinking of. You can chose from either artemis elephant grey and silver grey velvet. 

Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed – Quality & Build

Kaydian are undoubtedly one of the bed industries most trusted and well respected brands. Here at Beds on Legs we would not hesitate in recommending Kaydian Beds. We know that Kaydian's quality control is top notch and their attention to detail is at the core of their tried and tested design process.



Kaydian Ottoman Bed – Storage

The storage space available with the Lanchester is a roomy 22.5cm deep! It use to be less deep but Kaydian have recently upgraded the ottoman base. The side rails are now deeper which creates a greater storage area. The top of the base now has two fabric tabs so you can spread the weight of the ottoman more easily and it will encourage you to remember to use both hands when lifting the base up. The gas pistons are also new and improved. Whilst the old gas pistons helped lift the base up with ease, Kaydian felt that they could improve on it even further. The pistons are now positioned closer to 90 degrees rather than 45 degrees. This means they are pushing the base up and down, rather than at an angle making them easier to lift and close.

Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed

Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed – Overall Look

The Lanchester has a fabulously chunky headboard. The back of the headboard is flat so will sit nicely against the wall without encroaching on valuable floor space. The front of the headboard has a gentle curve which elegantly reduces the depth of the headboard towards the top, creating a more refined and less cumbersome look. We love this shapely design, it is both fun and sophisticated at the same time.

Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed

Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed – Assembly

The Lanchester Ottoman Bed comes in six boxes. Each box is very heavy and it would require two people to assemble. This bed is quite straight forward to assemble, but it is time consuming. We would gauge that you would need approx 2 hours to assemble this bed.


Click here to purchase the Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed.

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