Autumnal Bedroom For The Changing Seasons

February 11, 2019

How To Create An Autumnal Bedroom

If you're looking to create an Autumnal bedroom then you'll know that it's all about getting your cosy on. Autumn is a season of change and hunkering down for the winter. Therefore it makes perfect sense to create an Autumnal bedroom that is comforting and snug. As the weather becomes unpredictable then it becomes more important that your bedroom offers you a place of sanctuary and warmth. The good new is that with a few changes you can get your bedroom winter ready for some serious hibernating.

Switch Up Your Bedding

When it comes to fashioning an Autumnal bedroom then your bedding is a major factor. Let's be honest, the bedis the hub of the bedroom. In an Autumnal bedroom you want the bed to cosset you and to feel like a safe haven. As the saying goes you want to be 'As snug as a bug in a rug'. If you ever needed an excuse to purchase more cushions, then this is your perfect opportunity. Furthermore, adding throws for extra warmth and texture is a great way of updating your bedroom scheme. In short you need to make your bed irresistible.

Autumn is also a great time for injecting some colour into your bedroom. If you have a neutral colour scheme then adding some colour will give it an Autumnal boost. Earthy colours reflect this season perfectly. Think burnt oranges, rich greens and vibrant ochres.

Autumnal Bedroom

Ambient Lighting

As Autumn stretches on the leaves fall from the trees the nights become darker. This is the perfect time for adding some ambient lighting. Firstly you could switch up your bedroom lamp shades to match your new soft furnishing. Plus don't forget to use a low voltage bulb as you don't want your lighting to be too harsh. This is also the perfect time for adding fairy lightS. Nothing says cosy quite as well as fairy lights drapes around your bed head. Fairy lights are also a great way of adding a magical feeling to a bedroom.

Autumnal Bedroom

Bring The Outdoors In

What better way to celebrate Autumn than to bring the outdoors in. Furthermore it doesn't have to cost a lot either. You can display some pine cones in a jar or place some fallen twigs in a jar. You could also twist some fairy lights around some branches. Plants such as Chinese lanterns looks fantastic at this time and year and a small bunch would look lovely displayed in a masons jar. If you feel like going all out then you could pay a visit to a florist and switch up your display weekly.

Autumnal Bedroom

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