January 08, 2016 2 min read

Grey Wooden Beds

We have a wide array of grey wooden beds to suit all tastes. We have grey wooden beds that are made only from wood as well as beds that combine wood and fabric. Over the last few years grey has burst into the world of interior design as the must have colour.

The Love Sleep Wooden Ottoman Bed

The Love sleep wooden Ottoman bed is proving to be an extremely popular choice for buyers. Painted in an attractive grey with a shaker style headboard and Ottoman storage to boot this bed is ticking a lot of boxes. This bed would sit particularly well in a Scandi style interior that is currently en vogue at the Moment. 

Grey Wooden Beds

Grey Wooden Beds, The Best Of Both Worlds

We introduced a selection of grey wooden beds earlier this year and have found that they have been very popular. We are also excited to introduce several more designs which put a unique spin on Grey Wooden Beds. The fantastic thing about these beds is that they combine the two much loved materials of fabric and wood.

Grey Wooden Beds - Bentley Montreux Bed (Vertical Stitch)

Bentley Design have introduced a stylish range of Grey Wooden Beds. The Montreux is a stunning design which will make a beautiful centerpiece in any bedroom. We love how this shapely design is placed on fabulously chunky legs. These wooden beds are made more unique by the fabric upholstered headboard.
Grey Wooden Beds
The use of fabric on the headboard softens the shape of the bed frame. The headboard has a slight arch to it which compliments the curved edge on the foot board. The Montreux also has a full range of matching furniture available.
 Grey Wooden Beds

Grey Wooden Beds - Bentley Montreux Bed (Diamond Stitch)

The Montreux is available in a choice of two slightly differing designs. The headboard can be selected with either a vertical stitch or a diamond stitch. On the surface this detail may seem insignificant but it really does affect the overall look. The vertical stitch gives a more modern finish with its structured lines. The Diamond stitch has a more traditional and decorative look.  Grey Wooden Beds Bentley Design are renowned for finishing their products to an exceptional standard and creating superior products. This range of beds have this high quality craftsmanship stamped all over them Grey Wooden Beds - Bentley Hampstead Bed
The Hampstead bed has a more streamlined and classic look, but still encompasses key design features like the diamond stitch buttoned headboard. It will work better in smaller spaces thanks to it more streamlined proportions. Grey Wooden Beds Bentley Design also have a large and varied range of furniture available to match the grey finish. In the image below we have the Hampstead range which is available in a variety wood finishes including grey. The Montreux furniture range comes complete with a drop curve handle which compliments the curvaceous shape of this bed, as well as matching bulbous legs!  Grey Wooden Beds Please click hereto view all Grey Wooden Beds.