Fabric Ottoman Beds - New Twist On An Old Design

January 03, 2016

Fabric Ottoman Beds - Serene Lillian Ottoman Bed

We are happy to report that we are getting lots of lovely new fabric ottoman beds in. Now we love all of these new designs but we also love a new twist on an old design. The Lillian Ottoman Bed first started out as a bedstead and she was a very popular girl. The wise people at Serene Furnishings realised that Lillian had the potential to offer more so she is now available as a fabric ottoman bed to.

Fabric Ottoman Beds - Lillian Ottoman

Just look at all that space available! The ottoman storage base is incredibly user friendly, the base opens smoothly and evenly to reveal a cavernous space below.

Fabric Ottoman Beds - Lillian Ottoman

Lillian has not compromised on style to accommodate the practical storage base. She still has that luxurious chesterfield headboard and foot board design. We love the diamond shape pattern created by the fabric pleating together and the buttoned finish. Lillian is available in three fabulous colours; Steel, Pearl and Fudge.

Fabric Ottoman Beds - Lillian Ottoman

Fabric Ottoman Beds - Limelight Rhea Ottoman Bed

Here we have the Limelight Rhea Fabric Ottoman Bed. Rhea was another well-liked bedstead which now has the added bonus of a storage base. There is a slight difference in the look of the bed, the base rests on the floor rather than on wooden legs. This change has allowed you to gain oodles more storage space so we think it is a good change.

Fabric Ottoman Beds - Rhea Ottoman

Rhea is a striking design and her standout feature is undoubtedly the studded detail around the buttoned headboard. We think the stud detail gives Rhea an edgy spark to her glamorous finish. Rhea is available in either Silver Velvet or Mink Velvet.

Fabric Ottoman Beds - Rhea Ottoman

Rhea has a deep and spacious storage base which can accommodate all of those items which can spoil the stylish look of your bedroom. Storing items in a loft or in a crammed cupboard is not always the best place to access items easily. The best thing about fabric ottoman beds is that they are so easy to use. We may not want to see our towels and bedding on show but we need to get to them easily so an ottoman base is perfect.

Fabric Ottoman Beds - Rhea Ottoman

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