Simply Mattress Review

January 11, 2016

Simply Mattress

We have just introduced a rather special mattress to our range. 'Simply Mattress' is exclusive to Beds on Legs and has been created with everyone in mind. Each layer has been carefully developed to ensure that it will suit anyone who sleeps on it.

Simply Mattress

Simply Mattress - The Technical Stuff

Simply Mattress has 5 different layers. Here we will delve right into each layer and explain its role.

Layer 1 & 2.

Simply Mattress has two layers of Cool Gel. Cool Gel is the most current hi tech foam to be used in mattresses. Back in the day, memory foam was an amazing new addition to the mattress world. Unfortunately one of the major issues was overheating in your sleep, alas memory foam would trap the heat in your mattress. The main purpose of Cool Gel Memory Foam is to help you stop overheating, whilst still providing a comfort layer which will cocoon the body. Cool Gel is designed to be cool to the touch so when working in unison with memory foam the combination creates an ideal sleeping surface. Simply Mattress has Cool Gel quilted into the top cover of the mattress so it provides instantaneous comfort as soon as you lay on the mattress.

Cool Gel is also in the very next fixed memory foam layer, a double whammy of luxury cool gel supporting your body.

Simply Mattress

Simply Mattress is also Hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant too!

Layer 3.

The next layer is Reflex Foam, this is a different type of foam which strengthens the core of the mattress. If you did not have the Reflex Foam beneath the top Cool Gel layers the body would just push on the memory foam causing you to sink into the fillings beneath. The main purpose of the Reflex Foam is to provide a firmer support layer. It helps solidify the structure of the mattress.

Layer 4.

Simply Mattress has a mighty army of 2000 'pocket rocket' springs. Pocket springs are the best type of springing system to have within a mattress. They deliver unparalleled support which the body needs when held in the same position throughout the night. The spine needs to be aligned correctly and hips need to be gently supported. These fabulous springs guarantee the body and back are supported. As each spring is individually pocketed, they work independently to adjust to the shape and weight of your body. Pocket Springs also have the added benefit of making sure your partners movements do not affect you throughout the night and vice versa (perfect for all you fidgety bums out there).

Simply Mattress

Layer 5.

A highly durable support foam sits at the bottom. This provides the best platform for the mattress whilst simultaneously ensuring that the mattress will be suitable on any base type.

Wrapping around these layers is an Airtech foam border. As the name 'Airtech' suggests, this border allows air to flow throughout the mattress helping to create a cool space to sleep. The Airtech border has a dual purpose, it also gives you as much as 25% extra sleeping surface as it provides edge to edge support.

What is it like to lie on Simply Mattress

As soon as you lay on this mattress the top 2 layers instantly provide comfort, think marshmallow! The foam cover is soft and squidgy to the touch and your body will sink ever so slightly into this layer. It also provides instant relief on any pressure points in the body.

Whilst the body does sink into the mattress it does not feel like you are being enveloped by it. The mattress was intentionally designed to provide instant comfort but also to provide practicality to people who may have difficulty with movement when pulling oneself upright and getting in and out of bed. The Reflex Foam layer and 2000 Pocket Spring work together in order to provide unparalleled support. The solid core of the mattress is evident as soon as you lie down. We do not have a specific 'feel' classification for this mattress, the only thing we can say is that it feels awesome!


This mattress has now been replaced with the following Hybrid Oli Cool Gel 2000 Mattress

Simply Mattress


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