Ottoman Beds - All you need to know!

December 12, 2015

Why do we love ottoman beds so much?

Ottoman beds are multi-taskers, they provide a stylish place to sleep, with the added bonus of storing all of your bits and bobs and the kitchen sink out the way! In many ways when buying a storage bed you are buying two pieces of furniture for the price of one, you have a bed and and a cupboard all rolled into one!

Ottoman Beds

All You Need To Know About Ottoman Storage Bases

You can choose from a Side Lift, an End Lift or a Half Lift opening. Having the choice of what side the bed opens means your bed can adapt to its surroundings rather than the other way round. If you need to have the bed positioned next to a wall then a side opening is so handy.

Ottoman beds are a more spacious alternative to standard drawer beds. You will find that you can benefit from an extra 40% storage space with a lift up bed compared to a 4 Drawer Divan. A number of ottoman beds come with a boarded base but others do not. A boarded base is either situated on the floor or it can be a floating floor. Other designs have a layer of fabric that sits on the floor. The more basic budget friendly options do not have a boarded base or fabric layer, your items will be placed directly on to the floor.

Ottoman Beds

All You Need To Know About  Bases

Various ottoman beds come with a sprung slatted base however many benefit from a platform top which is a solid base and is very supportive. Kaydian Ottoman beds benefit from a ventilated platform top which means air can circulate through the base and the mattress.

Ottoman Beds

All you need to know about Ottoman designs and finishes

Here at Beds on Legswe have a wide range of colours and styles available. You can choose from fabric and faux leather finishes to wooden storage beds. The fabric finishes vary from flat weaves to crushed velvets and everything in between. Style and function combine to make Ottoman Beds the number one choice.

Ottoman Beds

To view our full range of Ottoman beds click here.

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