Why A Duvet Day Is Good For You

February 10, 2021

Duvet Day

You've Got That Duvet Day Feeling

We all know that duvet day feeling. Your alarm goes off but your get and go has gone. The idea of peeling back the covers and getting on with your day fills you with dread. So what do you do? Indeed, if you're at work you might be tempted to ring in sick, even if you're not. Or if you're at home already you might decide to stay in pyjamas all day and binge on Netflix. Without a doubt, the vast majority of us have indulged in a duvet day from time to time. Indeed, in a world that is fast paced and increasingly demanding a bit of rest and relaxation could be just what the doctor ordered! Furthermore, some businesses have even recognised the benefits of offering their employees a duvet day. In fact some would argue that this even helps to reduce absenteeism in the work place.

Duvet Day

Is A Duvet Day Good For You?

Apart from a staunch few, the majority of us think that the odd day of doing absolutely nothing is good for us. Whilst some might think that a duvet day is indulging in laziness, a day of rest can actually increase productivity. Therefore, having a day were you throw out all the rules and routines can be beneficial in the long term.

Indeed, modern day society means that many of us spend our day running from one obligation to another. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology many of us find it hard to switch off. Whilst the internet has many positives, one draw back is that many of us feel obliged to work longer and longer. Furthermore, people are filling their diary's with more and more social obligations. All of this combined leaves us feeling that we have little time left to ourselves. Therefore, here at Beds On Legs, we think that having the odd day when you do absolutely nothing is not just enjoyable but necessary.

Duvet Day

Preparing For The Big Day.

To get the best out of your day we recommend thinking ahead. If you're starting to feel a little jaded and your va va voom has gone then this is the time to plan a lazy day. Of course we always recommend you do this on a day when you're not meant to be at work. Unless, you're lucky enough to work for an employee that lets you take a day off ad hoc. Weekends are of course ideal for this.

So on the night before the big day it is a good idea to turn off all alarms and put your phone on silent. Furthermore, we would recommend having a relaxing evening on the night before your planned day of laziness. This allows your mind and body to reach the best state of relaxation. Whilst you might think that an alcoholic tipple is a great way to relax, it is best to avoid it as it can interfere with sleep. If you want to really go all out then washing your bedding the day before can be a great way of getting the best out of your duvet day. Indeed, nothing feels better than snuggling up in freshly laundered bedding.

Duvet Day

Have The Perfect Duvet Day

On the day itself it is best to avoid all things work related. So if you're tempted to check your emails then turn your phone off. At the very least you should turn your phone on silent. The idea of this day is to completely unwind.

Don't give yourself set routines either. Eat when you want to and try to make food choices comforting. If you're normally rigid with your diet, now is the time to relax a little. One day of eating what you want won't make a massive difference to your health or waistline. The next thing you should do is make sure you're in comfortable clothes. This might mean wearing pyjamas all day and that's OK. What you do with the rest of the day is up to you. Perhaps you might want to read a good novel or catch up on all the TV series you've be meaning to watch. But above all this, just relax, unwind and enjoy your well deserved duvet day!

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