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February 18, 2022

Double Divan Beds

5 Reasons Why You Need One of Our Double Divan Beds.

Over recent years our double divan beds have seen a surge in popularity. Once seen as practical but drab, double divan beds have undergone a transformation process. Indeed, manufacturers have realised that people are looking for beds with storage but don’t want to sacrifice on aesthetics. Oh yes, the days of the frilly valance are numbered, and our double divan beds are designed to blow your bed socks off! Here are our top 5 reasons why you might want to be the proud owner of one of double divan beds. For a peek at our full range just click here.

Double Divan Beds

1. Customisable Storage.

One of the key benefits of all our double divan beds is that you can customise your storage. With many of us finding our spaces being a little cramped, a little extra storage can go a long way. Whether you have modest storage needs or you could ideally do with an extra wardrobe, we’ve got something to fit your needs.

Double Divan Beds

Our double divan beds are available with either drawers or ottoman storage. There are pros and cons to both. However, if you don’t need a colossal amount of storage then drawers may be your best bet. Furthermore, drawers are ideal for those items that you need access to daily. Conversely, if your current storage is overflowing at the seams then you can’t go wrong with an ottoman bed. Without a doubt, these are daddies of all storage beds. This is because they utilise the entire space under the bed, maximising on every possible square inch. You can read more about the benefits of ottoman beds here.

2. Tidy Proportions.

If you need a bed that doesn’t take up more room than necessary, then a double divan bed could be good contender. This is because divan beds are designed to have the mattress sitting on top of the bed. This is as opposed to framed beds which take up extra space and, in some instances, the difference can be quite significant. Indeed, a divan bed will often be the same width as the mattress so in the case of one of our double divan beds this will be 135 cm. There are some exceptions to the rule. For example, our divan beds with wings will measure slightly more.  All our measurements are featured on our website.

Double Divan Beds

3. Huge Choice of Designs.

Our double divan beds come in such a huge range of different designs that you’d be hard pushed not to find something that’s suitable. From modern design with clean and contemporary lines to buttoned back Chesterfield styled beds we’ve got it covered.

Double Divan Beds

4. Colossal Range of Colours and Fabrics.

Not only do our beds comes in a mahoosive range of designs but they’re available in an extensive range of colours and fabrics too. Whether you fancy a plush velvet fabric or an organic looking weave our divan beds come in umpteen different fabrics. What’s more, our range of colours is unbeatable. Our double divan beds are available in every colour of the rainbow and then some! What’s more, we offer a free fabric sample service so you can see how the fabric looks in the flesh.

Double Divan Beds

5. Easy To Assemble.

If you’re concerned that your DIY skills are a little on the rusty side or simply nonexistent then our divan beds are the easiest of all beds to assemble. This is because these beds are delivered partially assembled. Indeed, the bases of all our double divan beds are delivered in two pre-made halves that you generally just need to clip together. Then all you have to do is bolt the headboard to the back and hey presto your bed is ready for action.

Double Divan Beds

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