Divan Style Ottoman Beds

February 10, 2021

Divan Style Ottoman Beds

Divan Style Ottoman Bedsoffer the best amount of storage space and they are also super compact. The combination of storage and size makes them incredibly popular and rightly so.


Our Divan Style Ottoman Beds are a versatile design. You can choose from end opening or side opening. A side opening design can be positioned to open from which ever side works best for you. The divan style means that you do not have to think about external frame measurements taking valuable floor space. The base is the same dimensions as the mattress however, if you add a headboard please remember to factor in the additional space this will take.

Divan Style Ottoman Beds - Fabric & Finish

In the past Divan beds have long been associated with being somewhat old fashioned, this is definitely not the case now. All of our Divan Style Ottoman Beds are available in a multitude of chic fabric finishes. There is everything from Velvet to Linen on offer. You will also find a vast array of neutral fabric shades which will suit most colour schemes. Grey Fabric Divan Style Ottoman Beds have to be the current favourite followed closely by beige and ivory. For the more daring ones out there we have Fuchsia Pink, Blue Velvet and Teal Chenille!

Divan Style Ottoman Beds - Headboards

You can create a completely bespoke look when choosing a Divan Style Ottoman Bed. The Cavendish Ottoman Bed and Amber Ottoman Bed can be selected in the colour of your choice. There is also the option to choose a stylish headboard to go with it. Most headboard designs are available in two heights, Standard and Floor Standing. The Floor Standing option creates a Hotel Chic look which we love.



Divan Style Ottoman Beds - Storage Junky

Both the Cavendish Ottoman Bed and the Amber Ottoman Bed have a storage base which is 26cm deep. You will be amazed at just how much you can fit in these bases. The bases are super solid and incredibly robust. When the boarded base is lifted the pistons spring into action to help assist with this maneouver. Boarded bases are the best type of base to have with an ottoman bed. The boards move smoothly as one solid entity and don't run the risk of damage from wear and tear as say a slatted ottoman base. A slatted ottoman base has many separate parts which when moved repeatedly run the risk of loosening and causing damage to other components.


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