Divan Bed Versus Bed Frame

September 01, 2019

Divan Bed Versus Bed Frame

Divan Bed Versus Bed Frame, Which One is Right for you?

In the red corner we have the divan bed and in the blue corner we have the bed frame. For years these two beds have been battling it out to get a place in your bedroom. If you're finding it hard to decide which bed you want, then you need our handy guide. 

Divan Bed

The Divan Bed

The humble divan bed was once sneered at by the young and hip. However, it has recently seen a surge in popularity. Divans today are no longer the fuddy duddy beds that they once were. These beds are as hot as hell and practical to boot.

Divan Bed

The Pros

1.These beds have tidy proportions, making them ideal if space is limited or if you want to maximise the space you have. This is because the mattress sits directly on top of the base and the base is generally not much bigger than the mattress. The headboard that you chose will determine the overall length of your bed. Indeed, with such a wide choice of headboards there are plenty that will not add much length to the bed.

2. These practical little numbers have plenty of storage choices available . Indeed, you can have two drawers, four drawers or continental drawers if you have bedside tables.

3. Think a divan bed needs a frilly valance? Think again, today the divan bed base is designed to be seen in all its glory.

4. Available in all the colours of the rainbow and plus some. Whatever colour scheme floats your boat, we've got the right divan bed for you. Play it safe with neutral greys or creams. Or get you decorating guns out and chose a more dramatic colour like navy blue or striking teal.

5. A divan bed can be a more economical choice. A lot of our divans are available with a mattress as part of a package deal. This means that you get to save your precious pennies without compromising on your comfort.


The Cons

1. Some people struggle with divan beds as they find it difficult to hoover beneath them.

2. These beds generally come in two boxed halves. This sometimes makes it difficult to get them into the desired location. This is most relevant for people with loft conversions.

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The Bed Frame

Up until recently the bed frame reigned supreme in the bedrooms of fashionistas. Available in a number of materials, the bed frame is the chameleon of the bed world. From ivory metals to earthy woods and on trend fabrics there is a bed frame that is suitable for everyone.

Divan Bed


The Pros

1. Available in a wide choice of materials, styles and colours.

2. Splash the cash and these beds can last a lifetime. However, if something is needed on a more temporary basis then cheaper models are available.

3. Because you can see the floor beneath, these beds can give the illusion of more space.

The Cons

1. These beds take up more floor space than their divan equivalents. This is of importance if space is limited. Some bed frames are considerably larger and therefore you should always pays attention to overall dimensions

2. These beds don't have any storage. However, that doesn't mean you can't store things beneath them. It is just likely that it won't look as streamlined as you might want.

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The Champion, the Divan Bed or the Bed Frame?

So is it a knock out for one of these beds or is a close call? Current trends suggest that the divan bed is on the rise and becoming a hot contender. However, at the end of the day it all comes down to personal choice. When considering which bed you are going to chose it always pays to think carefully about your needs. Don't be a follower of fashion if it is not right for you. If the bed looks good to you then add to cart and chose it anyway.

Divan Bed

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