July 10, 2019 2 min read

How To Create An Art Deco Bedroom

Are you looking to create an art deco bedroom but don't know where to start? Indeed art deco has to be one of the most iconic interior designs of the century. Art deco is synonymous with luxury, glamour and exuberance. Geometric shapes are widely used as are bold colours and precious metals. If you want to create an art deco bedroom then this is the opportunity to really indulge. All you need to do is embrace your inner Gatsby and infuse your bedroom with glamour.

Choose An Art Deco Influenced Bed

If you're going to create an art deco bedroom then it goes without saying that you need to pick a bed that's reminiscent of that period. Our Bees Knees Samantha Bed is the perfect solution. Whilst we know that grey is hugely popular you should go out of your colour comfort zone when creating an art deco bedroom. Indeed, the richer the colour the better. You could select a delectable navy blue velvet, which would look lush teamed with gold and green accessories. Or if you want to channel your feminine side then why not chose a blush pink bed and team it with grey walls and a geometric metallic wallpaper. Whatever you do don't be neutral! Art deco is not for the minimalist. Think the Ritz, decadence and visual drama.

Art Deco Bedroom

Choose Geometric Shapes

As already mentioned, geometric shapes featured heavily in the art deco period. Patterns, such as those used on wallpaper, should have clear and precise lines. If you're looking to select a wallpaper then don't be afraid to be bold. Now is not the time for modesty. In fact, now is your opportunity to be a real show off and show the Joneses a thing or two. Art deco is not apologetic and nor should it be. Graham and Brown have some wonderfully opulent wall paper that will make your heart scream with delight.

Art Deco Bedroom

Use Luxe Materials

Opulent materials are a must when creating an art deco bedroom. Think lots of gold and shiny objects that you will want to constantly stroke. There are oodles of products out there at moment, the world wide web really is your oyster. Furthermore, don't be afraid of being ostentatious. This style is all about celebrating glamour. Mirrored furniture is also ideal for this style bedroom and don't let the fear of finger prints put you off as the pay off is worth it!

Art Deco Bedroom


Finally it is important to choose your accessories carefully. This includes your soft furnishings, mirrors, ornaments and pictures. For your soft furnishings you should indulge in luxurious fabrics such as touchy feely velvets. Whilst mirrors and ornaments should have clean geometric shapes. When it comes to art work a quick google search will show you what's available. However, above all else, only pick the accessories that make your heart melt. If you buy it and can't stop obsessing over it then you know you've nailed it.

Art Deco Bedroom