Declutter Your Bedroom This Spring

February 10, 2021

declutter your bedroom

10 Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom This Spring

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to declutter your bedroom. If you feel like this is an insurmountable task then fear not as we have crafted the perfect guide. We bet our bottom dollar that if you declutter your bedroom then you'll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Clutter can add to our stresses and make you feel out of control. Indeed your bedroom should be your sanctuary and that should mean no clutter.

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Out With The Old

Lots of people have the tendency to hang on to things that they no longer need or love. So if it doesn't fit, doesn't have a use or it is simply unloved then get ruthless and chuck it out. Don't be prisoner to the adage that it might come in useful one day because the chances it won't.

Organise Your Wardrobe

If your closet is bursting at the seams and you struggle to shut the doors then maybe it is time to shed some clothes. Does your clothing have holes then bin them. If it doesn't fit, send it to charity and it it still has it tags on it then sell it! Sorting your wardrobe can go along way in your quest to declutter your bedroom.

Books Away

Bedrooms can also become more like library's for those of us who are bookworms. Maybe your books are stacked high on the floor and you've run out of space on your shelves. Again you need to real consider which books are really valuable to you. Have you read it but won't read it again? Then consider gifting it to a friend or a charity shop. Try to just keep the books you really love and keep them neat and tidy.

Keep Technology Out Of The Bedroom

Okay so we know this one may get lots of you sighing but technology in the bedroom isn't ideal. Firstly it is not conducive to good sleep and secondly it can make your bedroom feel too busy. So do yourself a favour and make the bedroom a tech free zone.

Get an Ottoman Bed

If you want to declutter your bedroom but can't bring yourself to part with your wordly goods then consider hiding it instead! Ottoman beds are a fantastic solution for hiding everything from view. Indeed our Ottoman beds can hold up to 4 times the amount as a standard four draw divan. That's a lot of secret hoarding you can do! See all our Ottoman beds here.

Don't Have Too Many Accessories

If you want to declutter your bedroom then you need to also consider your decorations. If your bedroom is starting to resemble an antiques shop then it's time to thin out your accessories. Keeping accessories limited helps to create a calm atmosphere.

If It's Broken, Donate It Or Bin It

If it's broken then there are two options, the charity shop or the bin. Sometimes you have to let things go.

Free Up The Floor Space

When thinking about how to declutter your bedroom then you really need to think about the floor space. If you bedroom floor is buried with clothes or other paraphernalia then you won't feel relaxed at all.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Furniture

All the furniture in your bedroom should serve a purpose. If you have an item that has no use then it's time to re home it. This will help create a feeling of organisation and relaxation.

A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place

Possible the most golden rule when you are looking at how to declutter your bedroom. Indeed all your items should have a specific place and you should do your utmost to keep everything there. Trust us you will feel better for it.

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