Create a Hotel Style Bedroom

February 10, 2021

Get your Zen on with a Hotel Style Bedroom

With a hotel style bedroom you can feel pampered every night of the week. Creating a hotel style bedroom is a perfect way to unwind at the end of a stressful day. A hotel style bedroom is all about relaxation, indulgence and recuperation. What better way to revive your body and mind than in your very own bedroom. Forget expensive hotels, you can escape the stresses of modern day living in your very own boudoir.

How do I Create a Hotel Style Bedroom?

With our style 101 on how to create a hotel style bedroom you'll be nailing grown up glamour with a swipe of a paintbrush in no time. One of the most important things then when creating this style is to keep things luxurious but streamlined This means clutter is the biggest no no. Keep your style unfussy with perhaps one or two pieces that are striking. An attention grabbing bed with an oversized headboard such as the Helmsley pictured below is the perfect example of this. Teamed with simple bedroom furniture, scented candles and plumped up cushions you'll be whisked away to the land of nod in no time.

hotel style bedroom

What Colours Should I use to create a Hotel Style Bedroom?

In general, colours should be kept simple and neutral. This style of bedroom demands harmony and calm. Currently trends are leaning towards a palate of grey. When different shades of grey are layered you can easily create a feeling of sophistication and glamour. We have a number of grey fabric beds that would be perfect for creating a hotel style theme. The Sienna as pictured below is a perfect example of this. However if grey isn't your thing then don't panic, you can still create hotel glamour with other colours. One particular colour that works well and is en vogue at the moment is dark blue. With this colour scheme you can create a dramatic and romantic ambience.

hotel style bedroom

How do I keep Clutter to a Minimum?

Ok so you understand that clutter in the bedroom is not the way to go if you want to create a hotel style bedroom. However you've got a lot of loved items that you just can't part with so what's the solution? A charity shop clear out? Well just stop there, because we've got a whole load of beds that just might save the day. What are these beds? Let us introduce you to the Ottoman bed, once you've had one you'll never look back. The great thing about these beds is that they utilise all the space underneath your space. In fact you can get four times the amount of storage in an Ottoman beds as a standard four drawer divan bed.. So you can kiss goodbye to the charity collection bags and hello to your streamlined sleeping zone. Oodles of of fabric beds come with the option of Ottoman storage so the only question is...what are you waiting for?

Hotel Style Bedroom

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