Wooden Storage Beds

February 10, 2021

wooden storage beds

Wooden Storage Beds for Beauty that's Practical

Wooden storage beds are becoming increasingly popular due to the increased demand for our beds to serve more than one purpose. Our rapidly growing need for beds to provide valuable storage space is causing a surge in the purchases of wooden storage beds. Our wooden storage beds are available in a number of styles. We have traditional beds that will never go out of style as well those suited to more current trends. For example we have a number of wooden storage beds that are channelling the Scandi vibe. Such beds are perfect for recreating the Hygee trend that is sweeping through the world of interior design.

Wooden Storage Beds

Wooden Storage Beds – The Benefits

The Storage

The obvious main benefit of a wooden storage bed is the extra available storage space. The most economical way is to purchase a storage bed with drawers. This might be adequate if you already have enough storage elsewhere. However to get the best from your bed then it might be wise to invest in an Ottoman bed. These beds provides a colossal amount of storage space. With up to four times the amount of storage available as a 4 drawer divan bed these beds are like the trojan horse of the bed world. Whilst they look just like a normal bed on the outside, the clever Ottoman storage means that you can hide away a multitude of items in one of these. Wooden storage beds maximise storage space like no other design of bed. Such beds are especially useful for growing families whose storage needs always grow with them. All our Ottoman systems are fitted with hydraulic arms meaning that only minimal effort is required to gain access to the storage.

Wooden Storage Beds

The Character

The other advantage of wooden storage beds is that they are crafted from materials that naturally inject warmth and character into a room. Even our more contemporary designed models exude a natural snugness that is difficult to get from other materials such as metal. It is this quality that has enabled wooden beds to stand the test of time. Fashions may come and go but wooden beds are always well received. Wooden beds can also be painted in a variety of colours with the current trend leaning towards greys and whites.

Wooden Storage Beds

The Maintenance.

The final benefit of wooden storage beds is that they are super easy to maintain. Wooden beds are extremely durable and even if they do suffer the odd knock it tends not to distract from the overall look of the bed. In fact, some wooden beds look better with age as like a fine wine, wood matures beautifully. Furthermore spills and mucky prints can easily be wiped away so you don't need to worry about sloshing that morning cup of tea around.

Wooden Storage Beds

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