Black Friday Madness

February 10, 2021

Save Money with our Black Friday Deals.

Black Friday

Black Friday sounds like an ominous day full of doom and gloom, when in fact it's quite the opposite. Whilst the weather might be somber at this time of year it's a wonderful time for your purse strings. It's a heady time of bonanza deals and discounts that will send your head and save you lots of your hard earned pennies. A recent addition to the retail in calendar in the United Kingdom, Black Friday originates from the United States of America. Traditionally it is held after Thanksgiving day in America, which is the fourth Thursday in November. Whilst we don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK, the adoption of Black Friday has been a welcome Sales period for those looking to save cash before Christmas day. So if your looking for a pressie for loved ones or even for yourself then get this date in your diary and keep your eyes peeled to save yourself some serious wonga.

How did Black Friday get its name?

Rumours abound as to how this day got its name. However the origins that are accepted by most is that it originates from Philadelphia and was coined by the police there. Evidently there is a article written in 1975 in the New York Times that stated that the police thought this day was one of the most difficult days of the year. The reason being is that it was the busiest shopping day in the retail calendar and chaos was rife. Efforts have been made to change the name but they haven't caught on and so Black Friday keeps its name.

When is Black Friday?

This year the big day is officially on Friday 23rd of November. However we know you're chomping at the bit for a bargain so we've decided to start our deals a week before on the 16th of November. We'll have some stellar deals that you'll have to see to believe. What will the deals be? Well we wouldn't want to let the cat out of the bag, where would be the fun in that? In other news we will be having a competition on Facebook where you can bag yourself a bed for free. We'll be launching our competition on Friday 9th of November and announcing the winner on Black Friday. So don't forget to check our Facebook page and remember you've got to be in it to win it.

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Black Friday

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