Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Bed, Space Saving Solution

February 10, 2021

Bunk Up With A Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Bed

Most of us have heard of bunk beds and triple sleeper beds but what about a quadruple sleeper bunk bed? Indeed, the quadruple sleeper bunk bed takes the concept of the bunk bed to a whole new level. Arguably this is a bunk bed but with a cherry on the top! The quadruple bunk bed can sleep up to four people at once. Nope we're not joking! The obvious advantage of this is that you get maximum sleeping space for minimum floor area.


Why Buy A Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Bed?

As already mentioned the main advantage is that you can sleep a number of people whilst taking up little floor space. This is particularly appealing to large families who have a limited number of bedrooms. However, they are also useful for those all important childhood sleepovers when friendships are built and laughter is shared. They are also useful for teenagers or young adults that share a room. Teenagers often crave their own space. With a quadruple bunk bed each person gets their own, very important sleeping space, but minimal floor space is taken. Holiday lets can also make use of this particular style of bed. It could provide the perfect way of offering guests more sleeping space for their holiday getaway.


The Love Sleep Quadruple Bunk Bed

Quadruple Mid Sleeper

Currently we are proud to sell the Love Sleep quadruple bunk bed and you can view it here. We think this timeless bed is adaptable to a number of interiors. Modern and traditional bedrooms alike would suit the Love Sleep quadruple bunk bed. Finished in white it will work with any colour of the rainbow. It's shaker styling also means that it will stand the test of time and look fantastic for years to come. The other added advantage of this bed is that it will split into two separate 4ft beds should the need arise. This makes it the perfect solution for your growing brood. If you would like even more space saving ideas then why not visit Pinterestpage.

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