Common Dreams And Their Meanings

February 10, 2021

Common Dreams And What They Really Mean.

There are quite a number of common dreams and dream experts can give us an insight in to what they really mean. From being butt naked in public to losing your beautiful gnashers, these dreams are representative of our inner beliefs and anxieties.

Some people can remember their dreams vividly whilst others claim to not have any dreams. However, dream experts say that most people above the age of 10 dream 4 – 6 times a night. What's more, if you sleep for 8 hours a night then you are likely to be dreaming for 2 of those hours! Here at Beds On Legs we will examine a selection of common dreams and what they really mean.

Common dreams

Common Dreams

Being Naked In Public

Nudity symbolises a multitude of things. Indeed, dreaming about being naked in public can be quite a stressful dream unless you're an exhibitionist of course! It is quite common for this to represent vulnerability. Clothes metaphorically act as a shield against the peering eyes of the outside worth. Being naked also represents being caught off guard . For example if you're unprepared for an event you may be fearful that people can see right through you.

Teeth Falling Out

Out of all the most common dreams this has to rank as number one. Most people can relate to this dream. This dream can symbolise anything from low self esteem to facing a major life decision. Teeth falling out is often symbolic of a loss of power in some area of your life.

Unable To Find A Toilet

If you dream that you're in danger of not making the toilet in time this could be representative of the fact that you need to take more care of yourself. If you have this troublesome dream then you may need to examine whether your personal needs are being met or not.

Being Unprepared For An Exam

If you've ever woke up in a sweat because you're unprepared for an exam then you're not alone. These dreams often relate to a lack of confidence. It can also mean that you don't feel prepared to move on in your life.


Another exceptionally common dream is that of falling. Dream experts say that this is often a 'red flag from your subconscious'. It generally means that you are having struggles in your waking life which can include anything from work life to relationship problems.


Dreaming about dying can leave you feeling extremely vulnerable about your mortality. However, this dream isn't representative of some illness that you might have. Indeed, it is more likely to be linked to the fact that you have a desire to terminate something in your life. For example a job or a relationship.

Being Chased

Again out of all the most common dreams this has to rank near the top. Indeed, this dream can often feel more like a nightmare. However, some dream experts believe it is actually a positive dream. This is because this dream is symbolic of the fact that you have an issue in your life that you needs to be faced head on. This dream shows that the subconscious recognises this and is ready for battle!

Cheating Partner

This dream could be warning sign that there is a lack of trust in your relationship. It could also mean that you feel like your partner is spending too much time on something that doesn't involve you and leaves you feeling neglected.


This dream can have a couple of different meanings. It could be symbolic of the fact that you feel like your life is in chaos. Indeed, it could also be symbolic of the fact that you need to let something go.

Being Pregnant

This can certainly be representative of a desire to become a parent. However it can also be refelective of a desire to start a creative project, 'to grow something' so to speak.

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