Choosing An Ottoman Bed, All You Need To Know

June 06, 2020

choosing an Ottoman Bed

A Guide to Choosing An Ottoman Bed

Firstly let us congratulate you on choosing an Ottoman bed. You have made the first step to a clutter free and stylish bedroom. Without a doubt, once you have an Ottoman bed in your life there will be no looking back. In fact, we guarantee that you'll find yourself wondering how you ever lived without one. However, before you leap in and splash the cash there are a few things that you might want to consider when choosing an Ottoman bed. Indeed, here at Beds On Legs, we are a little obsessed with all things bed related. Therefore, we've created this handy guide to help choosing an Ottoman bed as easy as 1-2-3.

Choosing An Ottoman Bed

End Lift Or Side Lift?

When choosing an Ottoman bed you will need to consider whether you want an end lift or side lift Ottoman bed. Which opening system you decide on will greatly depend on how much space you have in your bedroom. If space is at a premium or your bed is going to be snug against a wall then a side lift is probably the best option. The good news is that you still get a humongous amount of storage regardless of which option you chose.

Choosing An Ottoman Bed

What Style Of Bed Should You Chose?

When choosing an Ottoman bed there is more to it than just the practicalities.Indeed, old fashioned storage beds used to be pretty dull in the looks department. The best you could do was to cover it in a frilly valance and attach a headboard. Thankfully times have changed, and the humble storage bed has undergone a process of metamorphosis. Without a doubt our modern day storage beds can be a thing of a beauty. A real show-piece in the bedroom.

Choosing An Ottoman Bed

As regards to what style you should choose the options are almost limitless. You can have a rustic wooden Ottoman bed, a fabric bed or even a leather Ottoman bed. Modern or traditional, we've got it covered. If you decide to pick a fabric Ottoman bed then you have the task of picking the perfect colour for your bedroom. Here. at Beds On Legs we've got Ottoman beds available in every colour under the sun and then some. Want a blush pink fabric bed or searching for that perfect shade of grey then we've got the solution for you. For style inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page here

Choosing An Ottoman Bed

How Much Should I Spend?

When choosing an Ottoman bed you will need to consider how much you want to spend on your bed. Unfortunately money doesn't grow on tree, shame we know, so you need to work out what you realistically can afford. Our Ottoman beds range in price from just £219.99 for a double bed. Generally speaking the more you pay the better the bed will be and the build quality will be higher. For example, Ottoman beds at the cheaper end only have a fabric base as opposed to a wooden one. However, one thing you might want to consider is our 0% finance package. Our finance deals are available on all beds over £500.00 meaning that you can split the cost of you bed over 6 or 12 easy installments.

Choosing An Ottoman Bed

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