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July 12, 2021

Ottoman Beds UK

Ottoman Beds UK



If you've been looking for a bed for a while then the chances are you've seen an abundance of Ottoman beds on the market. However, these beds are relatively new to the market. Whilst their popularity has soared over the last few years, if you haven't bought a bed in years then you possibly haven't considered one before. This might lead you to wondering are Ottoman beds actually worth it. Well, we're here to tell you that our Ottoman beds are 100 percent the best thing since sliced bread, and we're big fans of bread! In fact, we can honestly say that everyone who works at Beds On Legs has a least one Ottoman bed. Here are our top reasons why you should consider having one in your home. For all our Ottoman beds just click here.

Ottoman Beds UK


Ottoman Beds UK – Colossal Storage


The star attraction of our Ottoman beds has to be the amount of storage they offer. Indeed, these clever little beds can hold up to four times the amount of storage a standard four drawer divan. Just let that fact sink in for a minute...yep that's a whole lot of storage. Just think how many pairs of shoes/books/clothes you could hide, we mean keep, in one of these bad boys.

Ottoman Beds UK


Ottoman Beds UK – Makes Use Of The Space Under Then Bed


Let's be honest, the space under a bed is the most underutilised are in a bedroom. Even if you do take you storing things under your bed in boxes, access can be a real struggle. When you're trying to find your favourite pair of shoes you don't really want to have to drag everything out to get to them. This is where our Ottoman beds come into their own. Not only can they store a lot , everything can be easily accessed. This is because our Ottomans are fitted with hydraulic gas lift pistons which makes lifting them so easy even your gran could do it.

Ottoman Beds UK


Ottoman Beds UK – Stunning Good Looks


Not only are our Ottoman beds super stylish but they look bloomin good too! After all, practical shouldn't have to mean boring. We're passionate about offering all the latest styles on the market. From oversized headboards to classics sleigh beds we've got it covered. In fact, we bet our bottom dollar that we have an Ottoman bed to suit every style from traditional to contemporary. Furthermore, a lot of our beds can be customised too. With an array of fabrics to chose from, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Ottoman Beds UK


Ottoman Beds UK – Finance Available.


When it comes to buying your Ottoman bed, we even offer finance to make your purchase even easier. Indeed, we have teamed up with Klarna so that you can spread your payments into more manageable chunks. You can either pay in 3 or if your purchase is over £500.00 then you can take out 0% finance over 6 – 12 months.

Ottoman Beds UK

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