Are Bunk Beds Safe? All The Facts

February 10, 2021

Are Bunk Beds Safe?

Bunk beds are popular choices for children but are bunk beds safe? Without a doubt, every parent’s top priority is the safety of their children. Whilst a bunk bed is the bed of dreams for many children, parents understandably need reassurance. Thankfully, you can rest easy as today’s regulations are exceptional. Here, at Beds On Legs, all our bunk beds conform to British Standard: EN747-1:2012+A1:2015. You can read more about the legislation here. Furthermore, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents states that ‘bunk beds are perfectly safe for kids as long as safety checks are in place’. These safety checks are the responsibility of parents. bunk beds safe

What Are British Safety Standards For Bunk Beds?

  • They must be solid in construction
  • There should be no sharp edges
  • Slats should be no more than 7.5cms apart
  • Upper bunks should have guard rails with a gap of 300mm to allow for access
  • Steps on the ladder must be a minimum of 3cm wide and 20cm apart

What Age Are Bunk Beds Safe For?

The current guidelines recommend that only children aged six and over should sleep on the top bunk. As regards the bottom bunk, this can be treated as a normal bed. Obviously parents need to use their discretion too. We all know of children under the age of six that will seek any opportunity to get on to the much prized top bunk bed! bunk beds safe

How Else Can I Make Bunk Beds Safe

Whilst it might be hard for a child to restrain their excitement at having a bunk bed certain rules should be implemented. Firstly a bunk bed is not a climbing frame and shouldn't be treated as one. The majority of accidents involving bunk beds do so because of lack of precaution. Furthermore, no more than one child should ever be on the top bunk. Indeed this can be a source of much sibling rivalry as every child wants to be the king of the castle. Perhaps you could implement a rota if this is a problem in your family. What’s more you might want to consider attaching a small light to the frame so that children can see the steps clearly. Try not to hang items of clothing or toys of your bunk bed.

What Mattresses Should I Use?

Top bunk beds require mattresses that are no more than 17cms deep. This is to maintain a safe height in relation to the guard rails. As regards the bottom mattress this can be treated just like a standard single bed although most people tend to buy the mattresses as a pair.

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