Art Deco Beds For Unrivaled Glamour

February 10, 2021

Art Deco Beds, Taking 2020 By Storm

Art Deco beds are making big strides in the world of interiors and it’s easy to see why. Without a doubt, Art Deco is the most popular early 20th decorative style. Whilst Art Deco has always had its staunch followers, it’s starting to become main stream once again. Here, at Beds On Legs, we’ve seen a massive revival in Art Deco beds as people are trying to create bedrooms that exude glamour and sophistication. We live in a time that can often be chaotic and unsure therefore what can be more indulgent than climbing into an elegant Art Deco bed after a stressful day. Whilst minimalism has been popular for many years now, maximalist interiors are starting to fight back. Art Deco bedrooms fit perfectly into this.

What Is Art Deco?

Think Art Deco, think the great Gatsby. Art Deco is all about exuberance, luxury and glamour. This is the perfect style for pulling out all the luxury stops. Think metallic, plush fabrics and bold designs. Art Deco is the perfect style for those who can't resist a bit of extravagance. In today's world, Art Deco fits perfectly into modern and contemporary interiors. Art Deco style is inspired by the geometric design of cubism. What's more, colours used in Art Deco style tend to be bold and strong. However, that doesn't mean you can't use neutral colours. Indeed, lighter coloured walls can often be an excellent backdrop to Art Deco style furniture.

Our Art Deco Beds

As we have seen a growing trend in Art Deco beds, we've made sure that we're able to meet the demand. Here is a selection of our most loved Art Deco beds. You can view all our beds here.

The Bees Knees Quinn Divan/Ottoman Bed

The Quinn bed has all the hallmarks of a classic Art Deco bed. With its stepped headboard and bold design it would be the star of the show in any Great Gatsby inspired bedroom. What's more, it's available in numerous fabrics to tickle your fancy. From subtle grey, to forest green and vibrant ochre there's a colour to suit everyone's interiors. Furthermore, not only does this bed look fabulous but it's also available with different storage options too. You can either have two drawers, four drawers or even Ottoman storage for those people who never have enough space.

Art Deco Beds

The Bees Knees Samantha Divan/Ottoman Bed

Whilst the Samantha bed has a more simple design than the Quinn bed it would still work perfectly in an Art Deco bedroom. With a curved headboard and vertical stitching this bed looks refined. Again the Samantha bed is available in multiple colours. If you're looking to create the wow factor then why not invest in a bed in a moody midnight blue. Or if you're looking to bring in the feminine then you could get the Samantha in velvet rose pink. As with the Quinn, the Samantha also has various storage options from drawers to Ottoman storage.

Art Deco Beds

The Bees Knees Aurelia Divan/Ottoman Bed

The Aurelia is an Art Deco bed but with bells on. If you're looking for a bed that will set your Art Deco bedroom alight, then this is the one for you. The Aurelia is a modern take on the winged bed and it looks simply stunning. As with all our fabric beds, this bed is available in a wide variety of colours and storage options. For more interior inspiration why not visit our Pinterest page.

Art Deco Beds

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