How To Sleep During A Pandemic

February 10, 2021

sleep during a pandemic

How To Sleep During A Pandemic

Sleep during a pandemic can be extremely difficult. Currently we are dealing with coronavirus and everyday life is changing as we know it. Indeed, many people are self isolating and anxiety is felt by many. We are facing a period of unprecedented uncertainty in peace time. Therefore, it is not surprising that sleep is becoming difficult for many. Normal routines are disrupted which can throw out sleep patterns and people are frightened for what the future holds. However, sleep is extremely important for physical and mental well being. Therefore, here at Beds On Legs, we've compiled a list of things that could help you sleep during a pandemic.

sleep during a pandemic

Steps To Improve Sleep During A Pandemic

Without a doubt anxieties increase during periods of adversity. First of all you need to accept that it is totally normal to feel increased anxiety during a pandemic. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you as this is a normal response. However, there are things that you can do to help reduce anxiety.

  • Whilst it is important to keep abreast of the latest news you should try limiting your news time. For example if you've seen the news at 6 o'clock then you might want to avoid the 10 o'clock news. Furthermore, try not to look obsessively for news online. This is two fold, firstly too much information can heighten anxiety and secondly there is a lot of misinformation on the internet. We would recommend that if you want to look at the news online then you should use trusted websites such as the BBC.

  • Try to do something relaxing before you go to bed. Unwinding the mind before going to bed can enable better sleep. An overactive mind is a recipe for disaster when it comes to sleep. Things that you might want to try include reading a good book, having a bath or doing some meditation.

  • Whilst you might think that alcohol could help you get to sleep during a pandemic you should try to abstain. Although it might feel like alcohol can quell anxiety it is well documented that it actually increases it. Furthermore, excessive alcohol causes disruption to your sleep cycle.

  • It is also important to keep talking to friends and family. This is especially important for those who are in isolation. Human interaction is extremely important to our well being. We would also encourage everyone to reach out to those that are living on their own. Don't wait for them to reach out and ring them first.

  • If you're self isolating at home then try to keep a routine in place. Lack of routine can really affect your sleep as your days start to feel like they're rolling into each other. It might help to write yourself and others in your household a timetable.

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