Bedroom Walls, The Foundations Of Your Boudoir

February 02, 2020

Deck Your Bedroom Walls With Paint And Wallpaper

Bedroom walls are the foundations of your boudoir. Besides the fact that you'd have no bedroom without them, they are the starting point of any room. Indeed, they are the bones of the room so to speak. Therefore you need to think carefully about your bedroom walls when decorating. Firstly you need to consider their condition. For example do they need skimming or can they be renovated with a little loving and patience. After this you need to think about whether you should paint them, wallpaper them or even a bit of both. Then there's the task of deciding on a colour palette. Therefore just like a good foundation is crucial for flawless make up, your bedroom walls are your starting blocks for a beautiful room. Here at Beds On Legs we've put together a few tips to help you get best out of your bedroom walls.

Bedroom Walls

To Skim Or Not To Skim That Is The Question

If you're in a new build then the chances are you will be able to set to with your paint brushes as soon as you want. However, if you're in an older property then the walls may have seen better days. If your walls are uneven to touch with blemishes and delves then you may benefit from skimming them. Skimming is basically done with a finishing plaster that gives walls a super smooth finish ready for painting or wallpapering. As regards skimming bedroom walls then we would recommend getting an professional in. Whilst we're all for a bit of D.I.Y, plastering is a real skill that takes years to perfect. Furthermore try to get a recommendation as plasters will differ in their skill. If you can try and see some of their work.

However, if you're walls are generally in good repair with a few blemishes then you may be able to perfect them yourself. Walls with a few holes can be filled with poly filler and then sanded until smooth. If you decide to repair your bedroom walls yourself then the key is to take your time. As the saying goes 'slow and steady wins the race'

Paint Or Wallpaper?

Having primed your bedroom walls to perfection the next step is to decide whether you want to paint all wallpaper them. Indeed, there are pros and cons to both.

Painting Bedroom Walls


  • Can been done as a D.I.Y project

  • Numerous colours to chose from

  • If damaged can easily touch up


  • Can involve a lot of preparation if walls aren't perfect

  • Possibly need to pay a plaster to skim walls

  • A limit to patterns

Wallpapering Bedroom Walls


  • Perfect for adding pattern and colour to bedroom walls

  • Can hide a multitude of imperfections

  • Can create a feature wall


  • If damaged, difficult to repair

  • Can date and go out of style

  • May need a professional to hang it

Deciding On A Colour Scheme

Without a doubt colour scheme has to be one of the most important decisions when thinking about your bedroom walls. Indeed when it comes to colour the only limitation is your own imagination. Colour is really down to personal preference. For more bedroom inspiration then why not visit our Pinterest page.

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