Bedroom Decorating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

March 15, 2021

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Spring is in the air, making the perfect time for a spot of decorating. However, if you're thinking about giving your bedroom a makeover there are some bedroom decorating mistakes that you might want to avoid. After all, you want your bedroom to be your own little chill out zone. Get it wrong and your bedroom could feel more chaotic than restful. Here at Beds On Legs we love all thing bedroom related and we've all done our fair share of bedroom decorating! Here are our keys points that you should take note of before you set to your bedroom revamp. For more inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page here.


Bedroom Decorating Mistakes


Bedroom Decorating Mistakes – Too Much Furniture

Ok, so many of us are guilty of buying more threads than we need. Therefore more clothes means more storage space, right? However, if you put too much furniture in your bedroom it can end up closing the space in and feeling tight. Indeed, it is better to keep your bedroom furniture as streamlined as possible. Also remember that whilst fitted wardrobes cost more, they offer much more ample storage space. This is because they make use of every square inch of space. What's more if space is at a premium then why not consider one of our Ottoman Beds. These space saving marvels store up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. This means you can store clothes that you may not use as often. Believe us these beds are games changers! You can read more about choosing an Ottoman bed here

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes – Too Few Or Too Many Cushions

You can never have to many cushions right? We're afraid to say you can! Whilst it is entirely personal, too many cushions can actually make your bedroom feel cluttered. Furthermore, let's be honest who can be bothered to do a cushion art installation every morning! Conversely too few cushions can lead to your bedroom feeling sparse and unloved. What's the magic number? Again that is entirely personal but we would say the maximum should be about five.

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes


Bedroom Decorating Mistakes – Choosing A Bright Wall Colour

Bedrooms should be conducive to a restful night sleep and therefore it's best to avoid certain colours. Let's be honest could you sleep in a bright red bedroom? Whilst you can't go wrong with a neutral pallet you don't have to be completely scared of using colour. For example dark colours such as navy blue can help to make your bedroom feel cosy and intimate.

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes – Incorrectly Sized Bedside Tables

Many of us love a bedside cabinet. Indeed, they're perfect for placing lamps on and other bit and pieces you may need to hand. However, if you pick a bedside cabinet that's too high or too low it could feel awkward. Furthermore, you should make sure it is of ample width so it looks in proportion with your bed.

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes – Unsuitable Window Dressing

Curtains or blinds are absolutely essential in a bedroom. However, window dressings in bedrooms should be more than just decorative. Indeed, your curtains or blinds should also block out any light from streaming through your windows. After all a dark bedroom is crucial to getting a good night's kip .

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes – Too Few Or Too Many Decorative Accessories

Getting the right amount of decorative accessories can feel like a balancing act. Too many and you could feel overwhelmed and too few and your bedroom could feel cold. We recommend only displaying items that really bring you joy. A few well placed items of beauty are a lot better than a large collection of nik naks.

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes


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