March 21, 2021 3 min read

Ottoman Storage Beds For The Win


If you're short on space and you're not ready to say goodbye to your beloved possessions then you need to take a peek at our Ottoman storage beds. When it comes to storage these beds know how to pull all the punches. For example, did you know that these ingenious beds offer up to four times the amount of storage as a four drawer divan! That's pretty impressive if we don't say so ourselves. Just when you thought you'd exhausted all storage possibilities too. What's more, all our storage Ottoman beds are equipped with easy lift systems so you won't pull any muscles in the process. Here is just a teeny selection of what we have to offer. For more inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page here.

Ottoman Storage Beds


Ottoman Storage Beds - The Love Sleep Button Ottoman Bed


By far the button is our best selling model. Indeed, with it's striking good looks, classic buttoned headboard and wide choice of fabrics it's easy to see why. If you're looking for a bed that is bang on trend but won't date in a few years then the Button can't put a foot, or should we say a glider, wrong. Furthermore, the wide choice of fabrics and colours means this little firecracker can fit in almost any bedroom scheme.

Storage Ottoman Beds


Ottoman Storage Beds – The Bees Knees Bella Ottoman Bed


Oh our beautiful Bella, she's an absolute stunner. This timeless beauty is stealing the show in bedrooms across the country. Furthermore, the Bella is made in the UK and is crafted to perfection. As with the button, the Bella has a timeless chesterfield headboard. Furthermore, the wings help to add another dimension to this stylish bed. Again our Bella is available in wide range of fabrics, from plush forest velvet to natural herringbone

Storage Ottoman Beds


Ottoman Storage Beds – The Bees Knees Lola Ottoman Bed


The Lola, another bed from our Bees Knees selection, is our showgirl. Indeed, with her towering headboard the Lola demands to to take centre stage in the bedroom. Without a doubt, this magnificent bed is a real show stopper. Furthermore, its vertically stitched headboard helps to enhance its feeling of grandeur. And the wings, well they're just the icing on the cake!

Ottoman Storage Beds


Ottoman Storage Beds – The Loxley Ottoman Bed


Ok so not everyone has a bedroom of grand proportions and therefore might need a bed of smaller proportions. Enter the Loxley Ottoman Bed. This compact little number is the perfect solution for those who still want style as well as storage. Indeed, this bed is a great bed for teenagers who want a grown up bed and need that extra space to keep their space tidy. Well, we can dream can't we?

Ottoman Storage Beds

Ottoman Storage Beds – The Bees Knees Quinn


If you're looking for a bed with a quirky vibe then the Quinn might be just the one for you. Styled in way that is reminiscent of the Art Deco period, this unusual bed could be a real talking point in your bedroom. Furthermore, the Quinn is available in numerous lush fabrics that feel just as good to touch as they look. Style it will gold accessories and lots of other rich fabric for an opulent feel that will transport you to another time.

Ottoman Storage Beds