All You Need to Know About Lift Up Beds

February 10, 2021

What You Should You Know About Lift Up Beds

Lift Up Beds, also known as Ottoman Storage Beds are a more spacious alternative to standard drawer beds. You will find that you can benefit from an extra 40% storage space with a lift up bed compared to a 4 Drawer Divan.

Lift Up Beds

The lifting mechanism on all lift up beds are designed to move smoothly and evenly so you can reach your items easily. They make viewing all of your items and knowing where they are so simple! When initially using a lift up bed for the first time please ensure your mattress is placed on the frame even when it is in its upright position. Then you need to push the lift up base down with all of your strength. After this first push has been done the pistons will have broken their seal and they will move smoothly from there on out.

Lift Up Beds

Constructing A Lift Up Bed

Some Lift Up Beds will arrive flat pack and will require full assembly, others come partially assembled. The base of some lift up beds are already constructed, they just need attaching to one another. It is always best to double check with us about each model as you may have a very small stairway or require the item to be put in a loft. This can be difficult if the base is already assembled. Alternatively you may hate constructing flat pack furniture and will want to benefit from a lift up bed that is already partially assembled.

Lift Up Beds


Hyder Lift Up Beds

We have recently welcomed some rather lovely lift up beds in from Hyder Living. Here we have the Bern lift up bed. It has roomy storage and comes in a stunning grey velvet.

Lift Up Beds

Hyder Buckingham Lift Up Bed

The Buckingham lift up bed is a great alternative to the Harrison if you prefer a more traditional looking bed. The . The storage depth of the Buckingham lift up bed is 20 cm, plenty of room for bedding and clothing! To view more of our Lift Up Beds please click here.

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