3ft Single Ottoman Beds

February 10, 2021

3ft Single Ottoman Beds

3ft Single Ottoman Beds are a great space saving and storage creating bed! The majority of us are more than likely living with at least one small bedroom so we need to maximise this space as much as possible! We are going to take a little look at some of favourite designs. Please bear in mind that all of these 3ft Single Ottoman Beds we are about to discuss are pictured as 4ft6 Doubles for illustration purposes but they are all available as 3ft Singles sizes to.

3ft Single Ottoman Beds

3ft Single Ottoman Beds - Best Seller

The Diamond Cube Ottoman Bed is one of our most popular designs from our 3ft Ottoman Beds range. It is a divan style ottoman so you do not have to deal with extra external frame measurements imposing into much needed floor space. The base will be the no bigger than a standard 3ft mattress. The Diamond Cube Ottoman bed is pictured below in Silver Grey Velvet however, it is available in 24 different fabric finishes! Above we have pictured the Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed in Blue Velvet. The Monte Carlo is from the same range as the Diamond Cube, the only difference being the headboard design. The padded headboard of the Diamond Cube Ottoman is adorned with beautiful diamantes. The most amazing feature is the abundance of storage space below, 26cm deep to be exact!

3ft Single Ottoman Beds

3ft Single Ottoman Beds - Budget Buster


The 3ft Single Birlea Berlin Ottoman Bed is a brilliant choice for those on a budget. It is available in 6 different finishes. You can choose from Crsuhed Velvet, Faux Leather and a Flat Weave fabric. The ottoman includes a protective base sheet that sits on the floor, storage items will then be placed directly on to this sheet. The Berlin has a sprung slatted base with a storage space measuring 24cm deep.

3ft Single Ottoman Beds

3ft Single Ottoman Beds - Trend Setter

Pictured below is the Button Ottoman Bed in Silver . Silver grey velvet is the biggest trend we are seeing right now. The Button is currently available in 18 different fabric. This classic ottoman bed has 26cm storage depth and a boarded bottom. Luna has a platform top mattress base which means the ottoman works more efficiently.

3ft Single Ottoman Beds

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