Unique Bedrooms - Part 2

February 10, 2021

Unique Bedrooms - Part 2

We were completely inspired by our last Unique Bedrooms post. The location and backdrop to all of those unique bedrooms featured amazing locations and scenery. We have found some inspiring ways of pulling the outdoors in. It all revolves around wallpaper! Obviously a stunning bed is also needed to bring the design together.

Unique Bedrooms - Kaydian Versace Ottoman Bed

The Kaydian Versace Ottoman bed is available in Artemis Elephant Grey and Artemis Linen. We think the crisp Linen finish would look fabulous set against a mountainous backdrop. The Kaydian Versace Ottoman has an automatic ottoman opening. You can keep your bedroom tidy and not detract from the fabulous scenery on show. VersaceLinen-1 Scenic-1 Scenic-4 Scenic Scenic wallpapers are also known as wall murals and photo walls. If you are feeling especially creative you could use your own photos. Photo Wall is a website which offers this service. They also offer their own wallpapers, wall murals and photo walls.

Unique Bedrooms - Bentley Krystal Bed

There is one thing which we love more than beds and that is flowers! We are loving these floral wall murals. We can just imagine the Bentley Krystal Bed in Rose Gold sitting against these blooms. The Rose Gold finish will look fab against those floral tones. The Krystal Bed is a feminine design which when placed against a floral backdrop looks super romantic. KrystalRoseGold-1 FlowerBedrooms flower-8 flower-2

Unique Bedrooms - Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed

The Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed is available in four different finishes but we love this Silver Crush finish. The glimmering velvet finish would look magical against an alpine backdrop. The Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman has tons of storage below its platform top base. It sits on hardwood feet giving the appearance of a bedstead. You can also purchase the Kaydian Walkworth in Slate, Linen or Brown faux leather. walkworth-crushed-velvet-1 Scenic-2 Scenic-3 Click hereto view more from Beds on Legs.

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