Storage Beds, Practical Masterpieces

February 10, 2021

Storage Beds

Storage Beds, everything you could want from a bed.

Storage beds, a practical sleeping solution that ticks all the boxes. If you're short on space or even if you just need somewhere to stack your secret hoard, then you need a storage bed in your life. Storage beds are a fantastic solution for squirrelling away all those items that desperately need a home. Plus with oodles of styles to choose from we bet our bottom dollar that we have a storage bed just for you.


How Much Space Do Storage Beds Offer?

Storage beds offer up to four times more space than your average four drawer divan. Because the whole space beneath the bed can be utilised , these beds offer maximum storage. There isn't any other style of bed that beats them in regards to their practicality. They do cost more than a traditional 4 drawer divan. However, they don't cost four times more. So, we think it's fair to say that they represent excellent value for money.

Storage Beds

Different Strokes For Different Folks.

We offer storage beds in lots of different styles. From contemporary to traditional we have a style that will have you clicking 'add to cart' quicker than you can hit the snooze button. We also have a number of storage beds that will sit comfortably in various interior settings. For example the Richmond and the Monte Carlo would look as equally good in a modern boudoir as a country cottage. All our storage beds are available in a number of colours and textures. Colours range from black to white and vibrant pink. Whilst the textures range from natural wool like fabrics, luxurious velvets and touchy feely chenilles.

Storage Beds

No Muscles Needed.

One of the biggest fears that people have is that a storage bed will be too heavy for them to lift up. However there is no need for concern as all our storage beds come with gas hydraulic arms. So you can hold the spinach as lifting these beds is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

All The Sizes

We have these wonderful beds available in every size so nobody has to feel left out. Except perhaps the family pet. So if it's a single bed you need but want valuable storage in a small space then we have a storage bed that's right for you. Or if you've got room for a super king size bed and want to store everything including the kitchen sink then we also have a bed that's right up your street.


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