Feel Pampered with a Hotel Style Bedroom

February 10, 2021

Carry on Holidaying with a Hotel Style Bedroom

Keep the holiday vibe alive with a hotel style bedroom and feel pampered all year round. The holiday season is now upon us! Many of us are jetting off to exotic climes to escape the humdrum of daily living. With a golden tan and few extra pounds you soon return home only to find that in a couple of weeks the sand and sangria is soon forgotten. Unfortunately we can't stay on holiday forever but we can bring that feeling into the home. With a bit of restyling you can recreate a hotel style bedroom. So if you want to escape the pressures of the day and get some serious Zen in your life then this guide will give you some handy hints and tips.

High headboards for a hotel style bedroom.

High headboards are synonymous with hotel chic. Think oversized and covered in a luxurious fabric such as an opulent velvet. Try to go for the highest headboard you can fit in without it looking cramped. Hotel chic beds should dominate the bedroom and take centre stage. You want your bed to be a furniture masterpiece first and a functional item second. To keep your bedroom feeling elegant and restful it is best to keep the bed fabric neutral. Sophisticated greys work particularly well in a hotel style bedroom. You can always inject colour into your scheme with soft furnishings such as cushions and curtains.

hotel style bedroom

Invest in quality bed linen.

Nothing feels as good as climbing into a freshly laundered bed after a long hard day. When it comes to bed linen it really does pay to buy the best you can. Keep any embroidery simple and stick to creams and white. According to sleep experts, creams and whites are the best colours for inducing sleep, whereas patterns can keep the mind busy. Having white or cream bedding also means that you can switch up your scatter cushions until the cows come home!

Get a bedroom chair.

If space permits then you should consider getting an bedroom chair. Chose a chair in a beautiful fabric that ties in with the rest of the décor. If you want to inject a bit of colour and pattern into a neutral bedroom then this is a great way of doing it. Just remember that the chair is there for it's beauty and not to serve as a glorified washing basket!


Keep clutter to a minimum

One of the most important rules when designing a hotel style bedroom is to keep things classic, minimal and above all else uncluttered. A busy bedroom will not allow your mind to rest. Keep ornaments to a few select beautiful items and keep anything work related out of sight. Surfaces should be mainly clear and streamlined. Make your bed daily if you can. Whilst this may seem like an unnecessary chore, when you climb into your bed at the end of the day you'll be feeling like the cat's pyjamas if you do.

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