Short On Space? Say Hello To Our Small Double Divan Beds

November 20, 2021

Short On Space? Say Hello To Our Small Double Divan Beds

Small Double Divan Beds, Space Saving Heroes


If you've got a bedroom that's tight on space then you might feel bewildered about what type of bed to get. Indeed, there are a number of options depending on your needs. For example there are guest beds, sofa beds and single beds that could be suitable. However, what if you want a bed that's a little bigger but a double won't fit? That's where the small double divan could save the day. Without a doubt there are a number of advantages to small double divan beds and we're here to discuss what they are. For all our small double divan beds just click here.

Small Double Divan Beds


Compact Design


The great advantage of small double divan beds is that they offer nearly all the benefits of a double bed but without taking up as much space. A small double divan is exactly the same length but is 6 inches narrower, which in a small space can make all the difference. Furthermore, because the mattress sits directly on the base you don't need to allow for extra inches as in the case with bed frames. However, you should bear in mind that if you want a headboard then this will add a little to the length. If you want a headboard but don't have the space then you could always mount it onto the wall.

Small Double Divan Beds


Great Design


Long gone are the days where divan beds where considered practical but boring! Indeed, today's small double divan beds are designed to be seen and not covered by dust collecting valances. All our divans are covered in fabrics that match the headboard which makes them look streamlined and sophisticated. Furthermore, there is an expansive choice of fabrics from plush velvets to more organic looking fabrics. What's more, they are available in nearly every colour of the rainbow from feminine pinks to neutral creams and greys.

Small Double Divan Beds


Of course the look of the bed is determined by the headboard and we've got oodles for you to chose from. Whatever your design preference there is bound to be a design that you'll fall in love with. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary vibe, we've got it covered. The only difficulty you'll have is deciding which headboard you like the most!



Optional Storage


If you've got a small bedroom then there is a good chance you'll be grateful for all the extra storage you can get. This is where small double beds come up trumps. This is because this style of bed utilises the space underneath the bed that might otherwise go to waste. Traditionally divan beds where available with drawers and this is still an option today. If you want to access your items daily then drawers are possibly the best option. However, if you want to maximise your storage then you could invest in an Ottoman style divan bed. These beds offer up to four times the amount of storage as a standard four drawer divan. Impressed? We thought you would be!

Small Double Divan Beds

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