Looking For a Grey Storage Bed?

November 15, 2021

Grey Storage Bed

Looking for a Grey Storage Bed? The Search Ends Here!

Looking for a grey storage bed? Then stop right there as we've got a vast collection on offer. Without a doubt the grey storage bed has been one of our best selling lines for many years and this trend shows no sign of waning! Indeed, these beds have found their way into the hearts and homes of thousands of people across the country. So why is the grey storage bed such a crowd pleaser? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, grey is a neutral colour and therefore looks fantastic with all the colours of the rainbow. Secondly, many of us are desperate for extra storage and therefore it make sense to invest in a bed that utilises the no man's land under the bed. Here is just a tiny selection of the grey storage beds that we have on offer. For our full range of grey storage beds just click here.

Grey Storage Bed


Love Sleep Willow Divan / Ottoman Bed


Since the Willow was first introduced it's been selling like hot cakes. Indeed, it is particularly prized by those who like their bedroom space to have a contemporary vibe. This is owing to it simple and streamlined designed. Furthermore, the vertically stitched headboard can help to increase the feeling of height in a bedroom. The Willow can be customised with two types of storage depending on your needs and preferences. If your storage needs are modest then a drawer divan would be your best option. However, if you're super hungry for storage then you can max out with an Ottoman divan. These beds house up to four times the amount as a standard for drawer divan. Impressed? We thought you would be!

Grey Storage Bed


Love Sleep Palermo Sleigh Divan / Ottoman Bed


If you're searching for a grey storage bed that is more traditional then you'll love the Palermo. The Palermo is sleigh bed with chesterfield styling. What's more the Palermo is more compact than a lot of sleigh beds which means it won't take over your bedroom! As with all our Love Sleep divans this bed can be customised with either drawers or Ottoman storage.

Grey Storage Bed


Bee's Knees Tall Lola Upholstered Winged Divan / Ottoman Bed


A big bedroom is the perfect stage for a bed with an oversized headboard. So without further ado let us introduce you to our luscious Lola. With a headboard measuring an impressive 184 cm the Lola is no shrinking violet. Furthermore, the vertical stitching draws attention to the grandeur of the bed. The Lola has more to offer than just good looks though. Indeed, this stunning bed can be ordered with either drawers or Ottoman storage, making it practical to boot.


Grey Storage Bed

Kaydian Barnard TV Ottoman Bed


If you in the market for a grey fabric bed with whistles on then say hello to the Barnard TV Ottoman bed. This is the daddy of all our storage beds! If you're into your technology then you'll love this bad boy! The Barnard houses a TV up to 42'' and has an ultra slim quiet function lift mechanism which means you hide it away when not in use. Furthermore, the Barnard houses Ottoman storage which means you can keep your bedroom super organised too.

Grey Storage Bed

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